What If We Had Lost The Revolution
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July 2nd, 2017

What If We Had Lost The Revolution

Discussion (4)¬

  1. John Gamble says:

    I’m with you until the fifth panel. The type of policy towards the Native Americans might have been different (no Andrew Jackson), but the expansionist policy would have been the same. Canada is going through this self-assessment right now.

    And the disaster of the carving up of Africa didn’t need England (although I’d doubt they’d refrain regardless), as Belgium and (the soon-to-be) Germany were more than capable of doing that.

    Interesting thoughts though.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      I wish I’d had more room in panel five to explain “no manifest destiny.” The notion of manifest destiny was a direct result of the Louisiana Purchase. Had the US never gained the Louisiana Territory, westward expansion and the resulting genocide of Native Americans in that territory would’ve been impossible.

      France and Britain were bitter enemies. France gave Spain the Louisiana Territory to entice them into waging war against Britain. After that failed, Spain returned the lands to France, and Napoleon sold it to the United States a few years later, to fund his European wars, and because France had acquired it in the first place mainly to thwart Britain’s growth. Now that Britain’s enemy had successfully rebelled,” and had been booted out of the US, France didn’t need the Territory anymore.

      In the alternate timeline where the US *lost* the revolution, France’s grip on the Louisiana Territory would’ve been a lot firmer. Without coming to America’s aid, France would’ve remained solvent and King Louie’s reign would’ve continued longer. So Napoleon wouldn’t have risen to power when he did, if at all. Which means france wouldn’t have had to sell Louisiana to help fund the Napoleonic Wars. And, if the colonies were still British, there’s no way on earth France would’ve sold Louisiana to their bitter enemy.

      The French had a uniquely respectful relationship with Native American tribes in its territories. There’s no reason to think that wouldn’t have continued. So whatever Native American policies the British colonies had, their atrocities would’ve been contained to the thirteen original colonies.

    • Edwin Moffett says:

      I think this is a brilliantly succinct and definitive example of counterfactual history, and it’s humorous. Would you be willing to sell the signed original?

      • Darrin Bell says:

        Thank you. I create the comics on my computer now, with a Wacom drawing tablet, so unfortunately there’s no original to sell. But signed prints are available.