Sjw And Other White Supremacist Code Words
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August 22nd, 2017

Sjw And Other White Supremacist Code Words

  • Karen Chaya

    HAHAHAHA. Love this! Makes a definite POINT in reality PLUS it’s funny.

  • Andrew Hsu

    I have a question for you Darrin. If liberals use terms like “cis white male scum”, “alt right” and “Nazi” to describe people that are probably not even very far right, doesn’t this mean that liberals are also copying old Nazi tactics?

    • admin

      Yes, but the topic of this strip is the terminology of resurgent white supremacy.

  • Bob Breton

    Lately they’ve been using “cosmopolitan” as an insult. It makes people scratch their heads trying to figure out why that’s supposed to be a bad thing. Double points for “cosmopolitan elite.”

  • Jim

    Watch out! Note the use of “denier” by CAGWW
    (Catastrophic anthropomorphic global warming warriors)

  • Steven Shuster

    Oh, kinda like “Little Marco”, “Lyin Ted”, “Low Energy Jeb”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Crazy Bernie”, and “Goofy Elizabeth Warren”, but not as personalized.

    • That’s right. Good catch. He’s not doing that by accident.

    • Cody k Greenberg

      Sometimes he goes the super-lazy route, like when he tweeted about “Flake Jeff Flake” the other day.