When To Let Go Of A Family Heirloom
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September 18th, 2017

When To Let Go Of A Family Heirloom

  • M H

    Pretty good for grandpa, given that the first domestic microwave oven was introduced shortly after the Korean war, so this must have been a commercial radarange. Which cost a few thousand dollars back then.

    Lemont is a fool to sell such an antique for $5. If you look on ebay even much more recent models fetch several hundred. A commercial model form the very beginnings of microwave cookery might be worth considerably more.

    He is also is a fool to go on about radiation. Sure we can laugh at his gullibility, but there are probably still people who confuse radio waves from a microwave with ionizing radiation (which is a potential carcinogen).

  • Karen Chaya

    LOVE these conversations between Lemont and Susan.