The Rhetorical Puerto Rico Question
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October 3rd, 2017

The Rhetorical Puerto Rico Question

  • iByron

    Things are so bad that even Clyde is “woke.”

  • Jeff Davis

    Why do you get the impression that people do not care as much about Puerto Rico as they did Houston?
    True, we Texans that were unaffected by the hurricane in Houston was able to muster help and supplies as quickly as humanly possible, there has been no shortage of volunteers to go to PR to help.
    The US mobilized ships full of supplies and stashed them in safe harbors before the hurricane hit the island to be ready for the aftermath we knew would happen.

  • Ted Mittler

    Candorville is one of my favorite comics. But I fear that Darrin is falling into that familiar entertainer’s trap of “while I have your attention, let me pontificate on my political views.” There are enough people regularly attacking the President in the newspaper, Darrin. Please continue to give me something to smile about — there are not nearly enough people doing that.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I understand how you feel, but Candorville has been a political comic strip ever since it debuted in 2003. Can’t really ignore the elephant in the room for the next four years. And since my one rule is to never sugar coat what Lemont and Clyde believe, whether it’s about relationships, pop culture or politics, sometimes they’re going to attack the character of politicians. Just as people do in real life.

      I trust that readers will at least appreciate that they’re candid (hence the title) about their views, even if the readers disagree with them. And I trust that readers will know that other topics are always right around the corner. Candorville is meant to mirror real life. In real life, one moment we care deeply about politics, and the next we’re wondering why we can’t remember what we had for breakfast.

  • larry marak

    Puerto Rico neglect?

    People who don’t know any better might think that the President was actually a white supremicist as the gray coated dude suggested. A better response might have been “Who doesn’t care?”