General John Kelly Is A History Genius
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November 6th, 2017

General John Kelly Is A History Genius

  • Joe S

    Excellent start of a dialogue on history! All the compromises listed are in fact part of Kelly’s point: from the Declaration of Independence on, the USA found ways to “solve” slavery up til the late 1850s/ early 1860s—when that broke down, war was the consequence. From this, we could think about the desirability of “compromise”—each one was a way to perpetuate slavery for a few more years; and William Lloyd Garrison famously burned the Constitution because its compromises preserved slavery. And we could consider “inevitability”— if there hadn’t been compromises when the Constitution was written, it doesn’t seem inevitable that the USA adopt it; the Articles of Confederation may have just continued. Or without a compromise over Missouri, could the USA have split up in 1820, with or without a war? What implications would that have had for abolition? Some are saying that Kelly implied both points of view are equally valid—is that what compromise means? I don’t think the US and North Korea have equally valid positions on nuclear weapons, but i sure hope a compromise can be found.
    thanks for today’s provocative cartoon