2010 Archive

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Dec 31The Continuance, part 5
Dec 30The Continuance, part 4
Dec 29The Continuance, part 3
Dec 28The Continuance, part 2
Dec 27The Continuance, part 1
Dec 26About Kelly, part 9
Dec 25The Good Christmas, part 6
Dec 24The Good Christmas, part 5
Dec 23The Good Christmas, part 4
Dec 22The Good Christmas, part 3
Dec 21The Good Christmas, part 2
Dec 20The Good Christmas, part 1
Dec 19A Real Guy, part 2
Dec 18Food Scarcity
Dec 17Why Lemont Wrote Back
Dec 16Why Lemont Wrote Back, part 4
Dec 15Why Lemont Wrote Back, part 3
Dec 14Why Lemont Wrote Back, part 2
Dec 13Why Lemont Wrote Back, part 1
Dec 12A Real Guy
Dec 11Consider the Source
Dec 10Writing Sasha, part 5
Dec 9Writing Sasha, part 4
Dec 8Writing Sasha, part 3
Dec 7Writing Sasha, part 2
Dec 6Writing Sasha, part 1
Dec 5About Kelly, part 8
Dec 4Don’t-Wanna-Talkers
Dec 3Fear Itself, part 5
Dec 2Fear Itself, part 4
Dec 1Fear Itself, part 3
Nov 30Fear Itself, part 2
Nov 29Fear Itself, part 1
Nov 28A Debt-Free Life
Nov 27I’m Thinking
Nov 26The Pact, part 5
Nov 25The Pact, part 4
Nov 24The Pact, part 3
Nov 23The Pact, part 2
Nov 22The Pact, part 1
Nov 21The Chicken Satay Story
Nov 20Repudiating the Ism
Nov 19Fallow Me on Twitter, part 5
Nov 18Fallow Me on Twitter, part 4
Nov 17Fallow Me on Twitter, part 3
Nov 16Fallow Me on Twitter, part 2
Nov 15Fallow Me on Twitter, part 1
Nov 14The Stuff of Stars
Nov 13A Man’s Needs
Nov 12The Good Man, part 5
Nov 11The Good Man, part 4
Nov 10The Good Man, part 3
Nov 9The Good Man, part 2
Nov 8The Good Man, part 1
Nov 7Mr. Funny-Man
Nov 6The Fitzhughs
Nov 5Missing the Law Guy, part 3
Nov 4Missing the Law Guy, part 2
Nov 3Missing the Law Guy, part 1
Nov 2America Mans-Up, part 2
Nov 1America Mans-Up, part 1
Oct 31The Halloween Costume
Oct 30Tweets, part 2
Oct 29Tweets, part 1
Oct 28C-Dog’s Incredibly Bad Advice, part 4
Oct 27C-Dog’s Incredibly Bad Advice, part 3
Oct 26C-Dog’s Incredibly Bad Advice, part 2
Oct 25C-Dog’s Incredibly Bad Advice, part 1
Oct 24The Great Recession
Oct 23Santa on the Couch
Oct 22Remember Sasha, part 5
Oct 21Remember Sasha, part 4
Oct 20Remember Sasha, part 3
Oct 19Remember Sasha, part 2
Oct 18Remember Sasha, part 1
Oct 17About Kelly, part 7
Oct 16Sasha Mitchell, part 6
Oct 15Sasha Mitchell, part 5
Oct 14Sasha Mitchell, part 4
Oct 13Sasha Mitchell, part 3
Oct 12Sasha Mitchell, part 2
Oct 11Sasha Mitchell, part 1
Oct 10Mid-Story Retconning
Oct 9The Guilt Trip
Oct 8Something Good, part 5
Oct 7Something Good, part 4
Oct 6Something Good, part 3
Oct 5Something Good, part 2
Oct 4Something Good, part 1
Oct 3Losers Say I’m Arrogant
Oct 2Can’t Hardly Wait
Oct 1Legacy, part 5
Sep 30Legacy, part 4
Sep 29Legacy, part 3
Sep 28Legacy, part 2
Sep 27Legacy, part 1
Sep 26Couple’s Counseling
Sep 25Street Smart, part 6
Sep 24Street Smart, part 5
Sep 23Street Smart, part 4
Sep 22Street Smart, part 3
Sep 21Street Smart, part 2
Sep 20Street Smart, part 1
Sep 19Broad Brush Arguments
Sep 18The Candidates
Sep 17Don’t Let the TV Bite, part 5
Sep 16Don’t Let the TV Bite, part 4
Sep 15Don’t Let the TV Bite, part 3
Sep 14Don’t Let the TV Bite, part 2
Sep 13Don’t Let the TV Bite, part 1
Sep 12The Good Day
Sep 11Baggage Carousel, part 6
Sep 10Baggage Carousel, part 5
Sep 9Baggage Carousel, part 4
Sep 8Baggage Carousel, part 3
Sep 7Baggage Carousel, part 2
Sep 6Baggage Carousel, part 1
Sep 5Facebook Suggestions
Sep 4The Book Signing, part 6
Sep 3The Book Signing, part 5
Sep 2The Book Signing, part 4
Sep 1The Book Signing, part 3
Aug 31The Book Signing, part 2
Aug 30The Book Signing, part 1
Aug 29About Kelly, part 6
Aug 28Wrong Number
Aug 27Cathy Retires, part 5
Aug 26Cathy Retires, part 4
Aug 25Cathy Retires, part 3
Aug 24Cathy Retires, part 2
Aug 23Cathy Retires, part 1
Aug 22Haiku
Aug 21Crazy
Aug 20Question Time, part 5
Aug 19Question Time, part 4
Aug 18Question Time, part 3
Aug 17Question Time, part 2
Aug 16Question Time, part 1
Aug 15No Trust
Aug 14The Talk, part 6
Aug 13The Talk, part 5
Aug 12The Talk, part 4
Aug 11The Talk, part 3
Aug 10The Talk, part 2
Aug 9The Talk, part 1
Aug 8This Black Patient
Aug 7Sneaking
Aug 6The Opening Anecdote, part 5
Aug 5The Opening Anecdote, part 4
Aug 4The Opening Anecdote, part 3
Aug 3The Opening Anecdote, part 2
Aug 2The Opening Anecdote, part 1
Aug 1Wait for the Next One
Jul 31Lemont’s Daddy
Jul 30The Introductions, part 5
Jul 29The Introductions, part 4
Jul 28The Introductions, part 3
Jul 27The Introductions, part 2
Jul 26The Introductions, part 1
Jul 25The Insulter
Jul 24Conversation With the King, part 6
Jul 23Conversation With the King, part 5
Jul 22Conversation With the King, part 4
Jul 21Conversation With the King, part 3
Jul 20Conversation With the King, part 2
Jul 19Conversation With the King, part 1
Jul 18Unfortunate
Jul 17Turning and Turning
Jul 16Give Me My Keys! part 5
Jul 15Give Me My Keys! part 4
Jul 14Give Me My Keys! part 3
Jul 13Give Me My Keys! part 2
Jul 12Give Me My Keys! part 1
Jul 11About Kelly, part 5
Jul 10The Unpaid Bill
Jul 9Good to be King, part 5
Jul 8Good to be King, part 4
Jul 7Good to be King, part 3
Jul 6Good to be King, part 2
Jul 5Good to be King, part 1
Jul 4About Kelly, part 4
Jul 3Status Denied, part 6
Jul 2Status Denied, part 5
Jul 1Status Denied, part 4
Jun 30Status Denied, part 3
Jun 29Status Denied, part 2
Jun 28Status Denied, part 1
Jun 27Supply and Demand
Jun 26Missing Sasha, part 6
Jun 25Missing Sasha, part 5
Jun 24Missing Sasha, part 4
Jun 23Missing Sasha, part 3
Jun 22Missing Sasha, part 2
Jun 21Missing Sasha, part 1
Jun 20Good Will
Jun 19Flying Away, part 6 (a.k.a. “Millions of Billions of Tons”)
Jun 18Flying Away, part 5 (a.k.a. “Switching Seats”)
Jun 17Flying Away, part 4
Jun 16Flying Away, part 3 (a.k.a. “Message Delivered”)
Jun 15Flying Away, part 2 (a.k.a. Goodbye Rainbow)
Jun 14Flying Away, part 1
Jun 13The Fidget Gambit
Jun 12Streetwise, part 6
Jun 11Streetwise, part 5
Jun 10Streetwise, part 4
Jun 9Streetwise, part 3
Jun 8Streetwise, part 2
Jun 7Streetwise, part 1
Jun 6About Kelly, part 3
Jun 5Away From the Phone, part 6
Jun 4Away From the Phone, part 5
Jun 3Away From the Phone, part 4
Jun 2Away From the Phone, part 3
Jun 1Away From the Phone, part 2
May 31Away From the Phone, part 1
May 30Poem
May 29Too Slick, part 6
May 28Too Slick, part 5
May 27Too Slick, part 4
May 26Too Slick, part 3
May 25Too Slick, part 2
May 24Too Slick, part 1
May 23About Kelly, part 2
May 22The Fountain
May 21Public Speaking, part 5
May 20Public Speaking, part 4
May 19Public Speaking, part 3
May 18Public Speaking, part 2
May 17Public Speaking, part 1
May 16About Kelly, part 1
May 15Razing Arizona, part 6
May 14Razing Arizona, part 5
May 13Razing Arizona, part 4
May 12Razing Arizona, part 3
May 11Razing Arizona, part 2
May 10Razing Arizona, part 1
May 8Manipulators
May 7His Worst Fear, part 2
May 6His Worst Fear, part 1
May 5The One That Got Away, part 3
May 4The One That Got Away, part 2
May 3The One That Got Away, part 1
May 2The Repeater
May 1Respect
Apr 30The College Reunion, part 5
Apr 29The College Reunion, part 4
Apr 28The College Reunion, part 3
Apr 27The College Reunion, part 2
Apr 26The College Reunion, part 1
Apr 24Civil War Revisionists, part 6
Apr 23Civil War Revisionists, part 5
Apr 22Civil War Revisionists, part 4
Apr 21Civil War Revisionists, part 3
Apr 20Civil War Revisionists, part 2
Apr 19Civil War Revisionists, part 1
Apr 18The Staring Dick
Apr 17Issues
Apr 16Give Me Liberty, part 5
Apr 15Give Me Liberty, part 4
Apr 14Give Me Liberty, part 3
Apr 13Give Me Liberty, part 2
Apr 12Give Me Liberty, part 1
Apr 10Dear Boss…
Apr 9The Replacement, part 5
Apr 8The Replacement, part 4
Apr 7The Replacement, part 3
Apr 6The Replacement, part 2
Apr 5The Replacement
Apr 3Date-a-Chick, part 6
Apr 2Date-a-Chick, part 5
Apr 1Date-a-Chick, part 4
Mar 31Date-a-Chick, part 3
Mar 30Date-a-Chick, part 2
Mar 29Date-a-Chick, part 1
Mar 28A Useful Tool
Mar 26The Interview, part 5
Mar 25The Interview, part 4
Mar 24The Interview, part 3
Mar 23The Interview, part 2
Mar 22The Interview, part 1
Mar 21The Other Woman (“About Kelly, part 0”)
Mar 20The Breakthrough
Mar 19The Breakthrough
Mar 19The Breakthrough, part 5
Mar 18The Breakthrough
Mar 17The Breakthrough
Mar 16The Breakthrough
Mar 15The Breakthrough
Mar 14Snow
Mar 13Conversations, part 6
Mar 12Conversations, part 5
Mar 11Conversations, part 4
Mar 10Conversations, part 3
Mar 9Conversations, part 2
Mar 8Conversations
Mar 7Keep Eating That Stuff
Mar 6By the Way
Mar 5Getting Served, part 5
Mar 4Getting Served, part 4
Mar 3Getting Served, part 3
Mar 2Getting Served, part 2
Mar 1Getting Served, part 1
Feb 28The Magic iPhone Cursor
Feb 27Aging Fully
Feb 26Yin and Yang, part 5
Feb 25Yin and Yang, part 4
Feb 24Yin and Yang, part 3
Feb 23Yin and Yang, part 2
Feb 22Yin and Yang, part 1
Feb 21The Brown Salt
Feb 20Bear With Me
Feb 20The Law Guy
Feb 19The Law Guy, part 5
Feb 19The Law Guy, part 5
Feb 18The Law Guy
Feb 17The Law Guy
Feb 16Twitter Updates for 2010-02-16
Feb 16The Law Guy
Feb 15Twitter Updates for 2010-02-15
Feb 15The Law Guy
Feb 14Supreme Mistake
Feb 13Twitticisms
Feb 12Twitticisms
Feb 11Twitticisms
Feb 10Twitticisms
Feb 9Twitticisms
Feb 8Twitticisms, part 1
Feb 7Waiter, There’s Something in my Soda
Feb 6Taking Initiative
Feb 5Taking Initiative
Feb 4Taking Initiative
Feb 3Taking Initiative
Feb 2Taking Initiative, part 2
Feb 1Taking Initiative, part 1
Jan 31iPhone Otto Corrections
Jan 30The Sound of the Beep
Jan 29Unleashed, part 5
Jan 28Unleashed, part 4
Jan 27Unleashed, part 3
Jan 26Unleashed, part 2
Jan 25Unleashed, part 1
Jan 24Fringe
Jan 23The Telemarketer
Jan 22Man Down, part 5
Jan 21Man Down, part 4
Jan 20Man Down, part 3
Jan 19Man Down, part 2
Jan 18Man Down, part 1
Jan 17We the Pizza
Jan 16The Underwear Bomber
Jan 15The Favor, part 2
Jan 14The Favor, part 1
Jan 13Heartless, part 3
Jan 12Heartless, part 2
Jan 11Heartless
Jan 10C’Dog’s Arrived
Jan 9Dick Fink
Jan 8The Bonus
Jan 7Fear Incorporated, part 4
Jan 6Fear Incorporated, part 3
Jan 5Fear Incorporated, part 2
Jan 4Fear Incorporated, part 1
Jan 3The Deep-Seated Problem
Jan 2The Demon Hypothesis, part 6
Jan 1The Demon Hypothesis, part 5