2011 Archive

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Dec 31Illegal Daycare
Dec 30C-Dog’s Advice, part 5
Dec 29C-Dog’s Advice, part 4
Dec 28C-Dog’s Advice, part 3
Dec 27C-Dog’s Advice, part 2
Dec 26C-Dog’s Advice, part 1
Dec 25The Problem With Brothers
Dec 24Lemont’s Holiday, part 6
Dec 23Lemont’s Holiday, part 5
Dec 22Lemont’s Holiday, part 4
Dec 21Lemont’s Holiday, part 3
Dec 20Lemont’s Holiday, part 2
Dec 19Lemont’s Holiday, part 1
Dec 18What Are Your Flaws?
Dec 17The Storyteller, part 6
Dec 16The Storyteller, part 5
Dec 15The Storyteller, part 4
Dec 14The Storyteller, part 3
Dec 13The Storyteller, part 2
Dec 12The Storyteller, part 1
Dec 11Republican Poll Dancing
Dec 10Boo Hoo
Dec 9Larry Tate Would Be Proud, part 5
Dec 8Larry Tate Would Be Proud, part 4
Dec 7Larry Tate Would Be Proud, part 3
Dec 6Larry Tate Would Be Proud, part 2
Dec 5Larry Tate Would Be Proud, part 1
Dec 4About Kelly, part 13
Dec 3The Big Bang, part 6
Dec 2The Big Bang, part 5
Dec 1The Big Bang, part 4
Nov 30The Big Bang, part 3
Nov 29The Big Bang, part 2
Nov 28The Big Bang, part 1
Nov 27The Parking Spot
Nov 26Getting Lionel, part 6
Nov 25Getting Lionel, part 5
Nov 24Getting Lionel, part 4
Nov 23Getting Lionel, part 3
Nov 22Getting Lionel, part 2
Nov 21Getting Lionel, part 1
Nov 20Occupy Wall Street
Nov 19Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 6
Nov 18Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 5
Nov 17Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 4
Nov 16Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 3
Nov 15Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 2
Nov 14Where is Sasha Mitchell, part 1
Nov 13Rude Awakening
Nov 12Kim Kardashian
Nov 11Didn’t You Win Custody? part 2
Nov 10Didn’t You Win Custody? part 1
Nov 9Anyone Order a Pizza? part 3
Nov 8Anyone Order a Pizza? part 2
Nov 7Anyone Order a Pizza? part 1
Nov 6Your Account Has Been Suspended
Nov 5Marginal Tax Rates
Nov 4I Just Flew In from Nazareth…
Nov 3The Bible is Useful
Nov 2Obama’s New Slogan
Nov 1I’m Herman Cain, B****!
Oct 31In Case You Missed It
Oct 30Return of the Strawman
Oct 29Trial’s End, part 6
Oct 28Trial’s End, part 5
Oct 27Trial’s End, part 4
Oct 26Trial’s End, part 3
Oct 25Trial’s End, part 2
Oct 24Trial’s End, part 1
Oct 23A Party of Masochists
Oct 22Tweetmark
Oct 21Thought Different, part 5
Oct 20Thought Different, part 4
Oct 19Thought Different, part 3
Oct 18Thought Different, part 2
Oct 17Thought Different, part 1
Oct 16The Has-Been
Oct 15Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 23
Oct 14Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 22
Oct 13Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 22
Oct 12Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 21
Oct 11Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 20
Oct 10Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 19
Oct 9The Self-Employed Mortgage
Oct 8Must… Incentivize… Business
Oct 7The Uncertain Economy
Oct 6Down to the Wire, part 4
Oct 5Down to the Wire, part 3
Oct 4Down to the Wire, part 2
Oct 3Down to the Wire, part 1
Oct 2The Mainstream Media
Oct 1The Job Creators
Sep 30Mister EBT, part 5
Sep 29Mister EBT, part 4
Sep 28Mister EBT, part 3
Sep 27Mister EBT, part 2
Sep 26Mister EBT, part 1
Sep 25Beyonce’s Golden Child
Sep 24The Definition of Insanity
Sep 23What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 5
Sep 22What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 4
Sep 21What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 3
Sep 20What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 2
Sep 19What’s a Friend Supposed to Do? part 1
Sep 18I Can Tell Her Anything
Sep 17The IQ Test
Sep 16Disrespecting Obama
Sep 15Invisible Man, part 3
Sep 14Invisible Man, part 2
Sep 13Invisible Man, part 1
Sep 12A New Day
Sep 11Goodnight, September 11
Sep 10Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 6
Sep 9Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 5
Sep 8Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 4
Sep 7Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 3
Sep 6Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 2
Sep 5Sasha Mitchell’s Man, part 1
Sep 4The Non-Verbal Communicator
Sep 3Concast Cable, part 6
Sep 2Concast Cable, part 5
Sep 1Concast Cable, part 4
Aug 31Concast Cable, part 3
Aug 30Concast Cable, part 2
Aug 29Concast Cable, part 1
Aug 28Confusion You Can Believe In
Aug 27Words of Wisdom
Aug 26Words of Wisdom, part 5
Aug 25Words of Wisdom, part 4
Aug 24Words of Wisdom, part 3
Aug 23Words of Wisdom, part 2
Aug 22Words of Wisdom, part 1
Aug 21Temper Your Expectations
Aug 20Never Do the Math
Aug 19My Side, Your Side
Aug 18Famine in the Horn of Africa, part 4
Aug 17Famine in the Horn of Africa, part 3
Aug 16Famine in the Horn of Africa, part 2
Aug 15Famine in the Horn of Africa, part 1
Aug 14I’ll Never Love Again
Aug 13Lemont’s Last Stand, part 6
Aug 12Lemont’s Last Stand, part 5
Aug 11Lemont’s Last Stand, part 4
Aug 10Lemont’s Last Stand, part 3
Aug 9Lemont’s Last Stand, part 2
Aug 8Lemont’s Last Stand, part 1
Aug 7Are You a Norquistian?
Aug 6Lemont Takes the Stand
Aug 5Lemont Takes the Stand, part 5
Aug 4Lemont Takes the Stand
Aug 3Lemont Takes the Stand, part 3
Aug 2Lemont Takes the Stand
Aug 1Lemont Takes the Stand, part 1
Jul 31We Don’t Dream Big Anymore
Jul 30Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 18
Jul 29Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 17
Jul 28Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 16
Jul 27Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 15
Jul 26Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 14
Jul 25Rosencrantz and Tyrone Are Dead, part 13
Jul 24The Rehab List
Jul 23Herman Cain
Jul 22The Unbelievable Man, part 4
Jul 21The Unbelievable Man, part 3
Jul 20The Unbelievable Man, part 2
Jul 19The Unbelievable Man, part 1
Jul 18One More Thing about Casey Anthony
Jul 17States’ Wrongs
Jul 16It Is Not Linear, part 6
Jul 15It Is Not Linear, part 5
Jul 14It Is Not Linear, part 4
Jul 13It Is Not Linear, part 3
Jul 12It Is Not Linear, part 2
Jul 11It Is Not Linear, part 1
Jul 10The Chronic Renter
Jul 9Obama’s Evolving Position, part 6
Jul 8Obama’s Evolving Position, part 5
Jul 7Obama’s Evolving Position, part 4
Jul 6Obama’s Evolving Position, part 3
Jul 5Obama’s Evolving Position, part 2
Jul 4Obama’s Evolving Position, part 1
Jul 3Rihanna’s Man Down
Jul 2If You Will
Jul 1Doctor-Patient Underprivilege, part 5
Jun 30Doctor-Patient Underprivilege, part 4
Jun 29Doctor-Patient Underprivilege, part 3
Jun 28Doctor-Patient Underprivilege, part 2
Jun 27Doctor-Patient Underprivilege, part 1
Jun 26Slummlerd Apartments
Jun 25Abandonment Issues, part 6
Jun 24Abandonment Issues, part 5
Jun 23Abandonment Issues, part 4
Jun 22Abandonment Issues, part 3
Jun 21Abandonment Issues, part 2
Jun 20Abandonment Issues, part 1
Jun 19The Patriot Act
Jun 18Pay Attention
Jun 17Tweeters, part 5
Jun 16Tweeters, part 4
Jun 15Tweeters, part 3
Jun 14Tweeters, part 2
Jun 13Tweeters, part 1
Jun 12About Kelly, part 12
Jun 11Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 6
Jun 10Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 5
Jun 9Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 4
Jun 8Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 3
Jun 7Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 2
Jun 6Friending Sasha Mitchell, part 1
Jun 5Stargate Universe Canceled
Jun 4The DNA of the Matter, part 6
Jun 3The DNA of the Matter, part 5
Jun 2The DNA of the Matter, part 4
Jun 1The DNA of the Matter, part 3
May 31The DNA of the Matter, part 2
May 30The DNA of the Matter, part 1
May 29Confirmation Bias
May 28Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 12
May 27Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 11
May 26Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 10
May 25Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 9
May 24Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 8
May 23Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 7
May 22iPhone Location Tracking
May 21The Narcissist
May 20The Big Lie, part 5
May 19The Big Lie, part 4
May 18The Big Lie, part 3
May 17The Big Lie, part 2
May 16The Big Lie, part 1
May 15That Debt Was Charged Off
May 14The Man Who Changed History, part 6
May 13The Man Who Changed History, part 5
May 12The Man Who Changed History, part 4
May 11The Man Who Changed History, part 3
May 10The Man Who Changed History, part 2
May 9The Man Who Changed History, part 1
May 8Not Till You’re Older
May 7You’re Not Too Observant
May 6Ready for Anything, part 5
May 5Ready for Anything, part 4
May 4Ready for Anything, part 3
May 3Ready for Anything, part 2
May 2Ready for Anything, part 1
May 1The Security State
Apr 30Smoke from a Candle, part 6
Apr 29Smoke from a Candle, part 5
Apr 28Smoke from a Candle, part 4
Apr 27Smoke from a Candle, part 3
Apr 26Smoke from a Candle, part 2
Apr 25Smoke from a Candle, part 1
Apr 24The Unnatural Dog
Apr 23Only One Way to Balance the Budget
Apr 22Six Figures, part 5
Apr 21Six Figures, part 4
Apr 20Six Figures, part 3
Apr 19Six Figures, part 2
Apr 18Six Figures, part 1
Apr 17Playing House
Apr 16Giving You a Child
Apr 15Where’s Little Billy? part 5
Apr 14Where’s Little Billy? part 4
Apr 13Where’s Little Billy? part 3
Apr 12Where’s Little Billy? part 2
Apr 11Where’s Little Billy? part 1
Apr 10About Kelly, part 11
Apr 9A Taxing Thought, part 5
Apr 8A Taxing Thought, part 4
Apr 7A Taxing Thought, part 3
Apr 6A Taxing Thought, part 2
Apr 5A Taxing Thought, part 1
Apr 4Abercrombie and Fitch
Apr 3About Kelly, part 10
Apr 2Sasha’s Confession, part 6
Apr 1Sasha’s Confession, part 5
Mar 31Sasha’s Confession, part 4
Mar 30Sasha’s Confession, part 3
Mar 29Sasha’s Confession, part 2
Mar 28Sasha’s Confession, part 1
Mar 27Obama Didn’t Grow Up Like WE Did
Mar 26The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 6
Mar 25The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 5
Mar 24The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 4
Mar 23The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 3
Mar 22The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 2
Mar 21The “Me” in “Tsunami,” part 1
Mar 20Union-Busting
Mar 19The Unnatural Woodpecker
Mar 18The “Die” in Diet Cola, part 2
Mar 17The “Die” in Diet Cola, part 1
Mar 16Corralling the Witnesses, part 3
Mar 15Corralling the Witnesses, part 2
Mar 14Corralling the Witnesses, part 1
Mar 13Was It Something I Said?
Mar 12Sorry We Missed You
Mar 11Strategic Geeking
Mar 10Support from Sasha, part 4
Mar 9Support from Sasha, part 3
Mar 8Support from Sasha, part 2
Mar 7Support from Sasha, part 1
Mar 6Obama and the Ancient Art of Haggling
Mar 5The Hat Man
Mar 4The Oldersons, part 5
Mar 3The Oldersons, part 4
Mar 2The Oldersons, part 3
Mar 1The Oldersons, part 2
Feb 28The Oldersons, part 1
Feb 27Secretly Subverting Democracy
Feb 26Laying Awake at 2am
Feb 25Counselor, State Your Case, part 5
Feb 24Counselor, State Your Case, part 4
Feb 23Counselor, State Your Case, part 3
Feb 22Counselor, State Your Case, part 2
Feb 21Counselor, State Your Case, part 1
Feb 20The Feudalbanc Massacard Fraud Department
Feb 19Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 6
Feb 18Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 5
Feb 17Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 4
Feb 16Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 3
Feb 15Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 2
Feb 14Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 1
Feb 13Agrutely is Not a Word
Feb 12Opening Arguments, part 6
Feb 11Opening Arguments, part 5
Feb 10Opening Arguments, part 4
Feb 9Opening Arguments, part 3
Feb 8Opening Arguments, part 2
Feb 7Opening Arguments, part 1
Feb 6The Invention
Feb 5Sasha Interlude, part 6
Feb 4Sasha Interlude, part 5
Feb 3Sasha Interlude, part 4
Feb 2Sasha Interlude, part 3
Feb 1Sasha Interlude, part 2
Jan 31Sasha Interlude, part 1
Jan 30The Wrong Number
Jan 29The Relapse, part 6
Jan 28The Relapse, part 5
Jan 27The Relapse, part 4
Jan 26The Relapse, part 3
Jan 25The Relapse, part 2
Jan 24The Relapse, part 1
Jan 23Can’t Find the Syrup
Jan 22The Sign
Jan 21The Maligned Fish
Jan 20It’s Not the Time, part 4
Jan 19It’s Not the Time, part 3
Jan 18It’s Not the Time, part 2
Jan 17It’s Not the Time, part 1
Jan 16Quotes
Jan 15The Missing Resolution, part 6
Jan 14The Missing Resolution, part 5
Jan 13The Missing Resolution, part 4
Jan 12The Missing Resolution, part 3
Jan 11The Missing Resolution, part 2
Jan 10The Missing Resolution, part 1
Jan 9Cutting the Cord
Jan 8The Birthers
Jan 7Winning a Non-Argument
Jan 6Fast-Talkers
Jan 5New Years Deresolution, part 3
Jan 4New Years Deresolution, part 2
Jan 3New Years Deresolution, part 1
Jan 2Anything You Want to Be
Jan 1Just a Cloud