2013 Archive

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Dec 3112/31/2013
Dec 30Cloudy Forecast
Dec 29Sumo Wrestler Syndrome
Dec 28Why Are We Here
Dec 27The Spinning Top Theory
Dec 26The Fishy Christmas Gift
Dec 25Santa Is A Black Man
Dec 24A Real Christmas Carol
Dec 23Merry Christmas Tyrone
Dec 22The Family Question
Dec 21Paying For Fraud Protection
Dec 20Speaking With An American
Dec 19Let Me Speak With An American
Dec 18Playing Horse
Dec 17Mandela Was Old
Dec 16Kanye West Is The Next Mandela
Dec 15The Same Pager
Dec 14Clyde Watches His Show
Dec 13Why We Stay Up All Night
Dec 12How Lemont Treats His Women
Dec 11The Sexist Joke
Dec 10Playing Horse
Dec 9Lemonts Deadly Weapon
Dec 7Reasonable Precautions For Flu Season
Dec 6Aftermath
Dec 5Gross Profits
Dec 4Gangsta Wrapped
Dec 3Bill Cosby Is Far From Finished
Dec 2We Built This City On Rock And Roll
Dec 1I Like You More Than Anything
Nov 30Walmarts Food Drive Proves It
Nov 29Endangered Dick
Nov 28Firing Dick Fink
Nov 27Second Guessing
Nov 26Fitzhugh Fitzhugh Fitzhugh And Garcia
Nov 25George Zimmerman Does It Again
Nov 24Zoosk And Credit Card Fraud
Nov 23Conspiracy
Nov 22Bargain
Nov 21Bwing It On
Nov 20This Kid Is Scary
Nov 19The Feeling Is Mutual
Nov 18Go To Sleep Son
Nov 17A Nice Strong Solid Name For A Child
Nov 16Narcissism Is Running Rampant
Nov 15Not Too Observant
Nov 14Dreaming About The Girl Next Door
Nov 13Twitter Wanted To Trademark Tweet
Nov 12How Marginal Tax Rates Work
Nov 11When Jesus Answered Nathaniel
Nov 10Looking For A Good Listener
Nov 9If You Had Just One Wish
Nov 8Lemont Loved Gravity
Nov 7Have You Seen Gravity
Nov 6Susans Short Skirts
Nov 5Celebrity Twitter Feuds
Nov 4Nothing To Do With Race
Nov 3The Candorville Rednecks
Nov 1When Mergers Go Wrong
Oct 31Preemptive Retirement
Oct 30Lemont Has Plans For The Future
Oct 30Preemptive Retirement
Oct 29The Future Of Journalism
Oct 28She Earns Six Figures
Oct 27Uncle Julius Mcadoo
Oct 26The Cosmos Does Not Care
Oct 25Cspan
Oct 24The Programming Package Of Life
Oct 23Netflix
Oct 22Couples
Oct 21Risk
Oct 20Lemont’s Amazing Halloween Costumes
Oct 19Where To Take A First Date
Oct 18Speech Therapy
Oct 17The Medieval Pyramid
Oct 16Extortion
Oct 15Communication Breakdown
Oct 14He Cannot Stop Jumping
Oct 13When Show And Tell Goes Wrong
Oct 12Why Politics Are Boring
Oct 11What Ever Happened To Wesley Snipes
Oct 10Stranger Things Have Happened
Oct 9Government Shutdowns Are Exciting
Oct 8Both Sides Are To Blame
Oct 7The Government Shutdown
Oct 6Wells Fraggo Bank
Oct 5Star Trek The Musical
Oct 4Obamacare Sure Is Unpopular
Oct 3Lendingstone
Oct 2Obama Is Just As Bad As Bush
Oct 1New Operating Systems
Sep 30The Retweeted Retweet
Sep 29The Business Of Being Born
Sep 28Just Pulling His Leg
Sep 27Momma Calls Again
Sep 26This Explains Everything
Sep 25Talking To Momma
Sep 24The Urgent Phone Call
Sep 23Yet Another Mass Shooting
Sep 22Department Of Homeland Insecurity
Sep 21The Passion List
Sep 20The Cog In The Machine
Sep 19The Lemont Brown Credo
Sep 18Like Dave Chappelle
Sep 17Clyde Is Lonely
Sep 16Can We Get Zimmerman On This
Sep 15His iPhone is Tracking His Movements
Sep 14Not Enough Time In The Day
Sep 13The Two Year Old Is Waiting
Sep 12Whachooneed
Sep 11The Matlock Principle
Sep 10About This Syria Thing
Sep 9The Ultimate Betrayal
Sep 8The Bigotry Is Plain To See
Sep 7Obama Derangement Syndrome
Sep 6Your Wife Parked In My Spot
Sep 5The Union Report
Sep 4The Evils Of Twerking
Sep 3The Donation Letter
Sep 2Miley Cyrus Tongue
Sep 1About Kelly Part 15
Aug 31Dick And Louis
Aug 30Face Down In The Dirt
Aug 29Stop And Frisk Is Rude
Aug 28Tea Party Ted
Aug 27Evenly Paced Footsteps
Aug 26Egypt Be Trippin
Aug 25Hillary Clinton His Running
Aug 24The Ten Percent Solution
Aug 23Before Clyde Forgets
Aug 22She Appreciates Him
Aug 21Just A Few Clicks
Aug 20Relevant Television
Aug 19Is There Life Out There
Aug 18He Does Not Want To Talk About It
Aug 17Do Not Eat My Lunch
Aug 16Hypocritical Oath
Aug 15Game Of Thrones Is On
Aug 14Breaking News Papers
Aug 13Who Is To Blame For Everything
Aug 12Race To The Bottom
Aug 11Too Much Honesty
Aug 10The Late Payment
Aug 9Follow These Exercises
Aug 8You Have To Love Passionately
Aug 7The Private Facebook Message
Aug 6Make Yourself Dangerous
Aug 5About The Pope
Aug 4Dolls
Aug 3Why Clyde Wears That Huge Coat
Aug 2Restrictive Pronouns
Aug 1The Rude Bill Collector
Jul 31Pie Rett Collection Agency
Jul 30That Phone Call
Jul 29How To End A Date Before It Begins
Jul 28Friends Like On Tv
Jul 27Susans Date
Jul 26Inertia Has Set In
Jul 25You Can Say That Again
Jul 24Dont Be So Hostile
Jul 23You Are Too Late
Jul 22Boycotting Florida
Jul 21Privacy
Jul 20Its Always Deeper
Jul 19Treating The Symptom
Jul 18The Big Bang Is Accelerating
Jul 17Healthy Eating Aint Easy
Jul 16Fatburger Hates Obamacare
Jul 15Big L Is Getting Upset
Jul 14Facebook
Jul 13The Ticking Clock
Jul 12Clyde Sees The Usual
Jul 11Doctor Mccoy Forgot Something
Jul 10The Rorschach Test
Jul 9America On Trial
Jul 8Sharing Is Scaring
Jul 7Super Hero Movies
Jul 6I Need That Two Dollars
Jul 5Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Jul 4Five To Four Decisions
Jul 3Mission Accomplished
Jul 2DOMA Is Done
Jul 1Racism Is Over
Jun 29No Interest Iras
Jun 28Not Really Real
Jun 27The Key To A Relationship
Jun 26Something Instead Of Nothing
Jun 25Tv Affects Cognition
Jun 24Gross Versus Net
Jun 23Wakeup Call
Jun 22The Butterfly Effect
Jun 21Its All A Distraction
Jun 20The Churchgoing Man
Jun 19Facebook Pictures Kill Friendships
Jun 18Hemorrhaging Money
Jun 17The Total Stranger
Jun 16He Needs A Family Car
Jun 15Sarah
Jun 14Blissful Denial
Jun 13Media Consequences
Jun 12Bryan Bryant
Jun 11Helpful Advice
Jun 10An Offer He Can Refuse
Jun 9The Unofficial Bible Verse
Jun 8The Gloves Are Off
Jun 7The Light Timer
Jun 6President Obamas Chickens
Jun 5Attention Deficite Diswhatever
Jun 4Spying On Journalists Emails
Jun 3Star Trek Into Darkness
Jun 2What To Do With A View
Jun 1When You Were A Kid
May 31Pitbulls Get A Bad Rap
May 30Yes You Is The Daddy
May 29I Cannot Possibly Be The Daddy
May 28The Baby Daddy Show
May 27Asking Why Is An Insult
May 26Back When We Were Kids
May 25Package
May 24Facebook Isolation Syndrome
May 23Slippery Slope
May 22Parental Dark Side
May 21The Dude Abides
May 20Aborted Dream
May 19Playing House
May 18Grandpa Never Ends
May 17The Proud Grandpa
May 16The Alhena
May 15Be Your Best
May 14Dance For Us
May 13Grandpa Roscoe
May 12Star Trek Into Darkness
May 11Business
May 10Names
May 9Middle
May 8Karma
May 7Headname
May 6Tm
May 5The Eighties Was a More Enlightened Era
May 4Dad
May 3The Suit Animals
May 2The Spell
May 1Rosencrantz Has A Secret
May 1A Weaker Man
Apr 30Coming Up Heads
Apr 29Meanwhile
Apr 28Zombiemac
Apr 27Permissive
Apr 26Mindtrick
Apr 25Fairy
Apr 24Circular
Apr 23Boom
Apr 22Boston
Apr 21The Sliders Joke
Apr 20The Distant Pastor
Apr 19Twelve Light Years Apart
Apr 18A Homeless Sign
Apr 17Why Lemont And Clyde Are Still Friends
Apr 16The Ransom Note
Apr 15Who Stole His Iphone
Apr 14A Whole Family Hates Him
Apr 13Waiting For The Cable Guy
Apr 12It Is Hard To Cut The Cord
Apr 11The Grass Is Not Always Greener
Apr 10Break Up Bargaining
Apr 9Lemont Cancels Cable
Apr 8Brian The Hinderer
Apr 7The Drudge Distort
Apr 6A Bipartisan Round of Golf
Apr 5“I Thought We Was Boys”
Apr 4The Only One He’ll Trust to Raise His Kid
Apr 3What Lemont Leaves Susan in His Will
Apr 2The Walking Dead beats network shows
Apr 1C-Dog’s Getting Back to School
Mar 31C-Dog the Personal Trainer
Mar 30Obama The King
Mar 29Hollywood
Mar 28Drones
Mar 27Future
Mar 26Game Of Thrones
Mar 25Efficient
Mar 24Seeking Trained Polar Bear
Mar 23Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 44
Mar 22Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 43
Mar 21Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 42
Mar 20Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 41
Mar 19Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 40
Mar 18Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 39
Mar 17The Note Pad
Mar 16Only Way
Mar 15Mcmahon, Tate, Stevens & Evans
Mar 15Retire Now
Mar 13Retirement
Mar 12Any Openings
Mar 11He Earns Six Figures
Mar 10Wayne LaPierre of the NRA Sees a Shrink
Mar 9Cannot
Mar 8Different
Mar 7Why Should Adults Have Kids?
Mar 6Does a Woman HAVE to Want Kids?
Mar 5Does Susan Want Kids?
Mar 4Always Back Up Your Data
Mar 3The Art of War
Mar 2Is Thelma Dead?
Mar 1Is Thelma Dead?
Feb 28Is Thelma Dead?
Feb 27Is Thelma Dead?
Feb 26Is Thelma Dead?
Feb 25Can You Not Ask Why?
Feb 23Rebranding
Feb 22Strangers
Feb 21Concast
Feb 20Calling Momma
Feb 19Getting Shot
Feb 18The Private Person
Feb 17Vertibed
Feb 16Msmguy
Feb 15Cool
Feb 14Blog
Feb 13Mask
Feb 12Hyperbole
Feb 11Age
Feb 10Fat Albert’s Lament
Feb 9Loan
Feb 8Pickpocket
Feb 7Bus
Feb 6Buttons
Feb 5Like
Feb 4Diary
Feb 3Wondering Why He’s Overdrawn
Feb 2Neverending
Feb 1Collapse
Jan 31Friend
Jan 30Beep
Jan 29Dime
Jan 28Keynes vs. Friedman
Jan 27Dominoes
Jan 26Truelove
Jan 25Purpose
Jan 24Freebook
Jan 23Book
Jan 22Bandaid
Jan 21Retrace Your Steps
Jan 20Short Presidents
Jan 19Alone
Jan 18A Love Made in Stovokor
Jan 17Parmaqqay
Jan 16Slimswift
Jan 15Vegas
Jan 14Dick Fink Doesn’t Work on the Sabbath
Jan 13The Common Denominator
Jan 12Ipad
Jan 11Paid
Jan 10Solong
Jan 9Quietboy
Jan 8Shoooshan
Jan 7When to Date a Friend
Jan 6C-Dog’s New Year’s Resolution
Jan 5Fedhex
Jan 4Donation
Jan 3Positive
Jan 2Alibi
Jan 1The Black President Question