2015 Archive

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Dec 31Potty Training Lionel
Dec 30He Fell Out Of Love
Dec 29Life Is Stranger Than Fiction
Dec 28A Big Change Requires An Interlude
Dec 27Lemont Likes Susan More Than Anything
Dec 26The 21st Century Cloud Game
Dec 25The War On Christmas Warrior, part 2
Dec 24The C-Dog Christmas Album
Dec 23This Double Date Is No Competition
Dec 22She’s With Porkins
Dec 21The Little Things Couples Do
Dec 20You Can Have Anything. Almost.
Dec 19“Say” vs. “Read”
Dec 18Do Not Upload your Thingy to Google Image Search
Dec 17Susan Uncovers A Conspiracy At Work
Dec 16Susan And Her Coffee
Dec 15Maybe We Should All Ignore Donald Trump
Dec 14Slowing To Watch A Trumpwreck
Dec 13What it means when he’s distant and moody
Dec 12The Six Year Old Grown Man
Dec 11Susan’s Getting Serious About Mr. Perfect
Dec 11The Six Year Old Grown Man
Dec 10Lemont is Taking Clyde’s Romantic Advice
Dec 9The Real Purpose of a Double Date
Dec 8C-Dog’s Relationship Advice
Dec 7The Too Good Day
Dec 6How We Do
Dec 5C-Dog’s Five Year Plan
Dec 4Bringing The New Woman Around
Dec 3“The Finer Things” are in the Eye of the Beholder
Dec 2Crowds Of Arabs Cheered on 9/11?
Dec 1Is Donald Trump Un-American?
Nov 30Comparing Trump To Fascist Dictators
Nov 29Zoosk And Credit Card Fraud
Nov 28Channeling The Passion
Nov 27The Robot You Can Have Nookie With
Nov 26Ending The Facebook Romance
Nov 25C-Dog On Breaking Up
Nov 24The Global Heartbreaker
Nov 23After, the Breakup, You Just Fade Away
Nov 22The Eighties Are Forever
Nov 21The Presidential Candidates Call Already
Nov 20The Perfect Stranger
Nov 19The Election is Still A Whole Year Away
Nov 18Visiting Momma
Nov 17Cdog Has Lemont All Figured Out
Nov 16Forgetting Zachary Hammond
Nov 15One Way To Know You’re Jaded
Nov 14Never say “Nice Day, Isn’t It?” to C-Dog
Nov 13Lemont Considers Breaking Up With His Therapist
Nov 12Write About Your Dream
Nov 11Feeling Weird About a Friend’s Success
Nov 10Why Writing a Novel is Hard Work
Nov 9The IQ Of Cdog
Nov 6The Huffington Post Doesn’t Pay its Bloggers
Nov 5One More Thing About Donald Trump
Nov 4Feudalbanc Massacard Always Wins
Nov 3She Tells Tara About A Mother’s Love
Nov 2Processed Meat Causes Cancer
Nov 1Giving a Speech in Hell
Oct 29Is There More Smog in the City?
Oct 28Crazy About Her
Oct 27Star Wars Sold Out
Oct 26The Incredible New Star Wars Trailer
Oct 25The Black On Black Violence Game
Oct 24He Forgot How To Do Long Division
Oct 23Too Soon To Talk About Gun Control
Oct 22Plenty Of Things Kill More People Than Guns
Oct 21Baby Brain Is Real
Oct 20The Black Panthers Were Patriots
Oct 19More Mass Shootings Than Baseball Games
Oct 18Dumping Trump
Oct 17The Cosmos Does Not Care About Government Shutdowns
Oct 16Why His Toddler Watches Cspan
Oct 15The Bait And Switch Relationship
Oct 14The Unsatisfying Relationship
Oct 13Lemont Brings His Partner To Couples Counseling
Oct 12His Son Needs Speech Therapy
Oct 10The Very-Stubbed Toe
Oct 9how to get a girl to stop thinking about a guy part 2
Oct 8Susan Does Not Like The Other Woman
Oct 7Lemont Met The Perfectish Woman
Oct 6Lemont’s Epic Passionate Night With the Woman from Vancouver
Oct 5The Vancouver Speech Went Well, a.k.a. Adventures in Public Speaking
Oct 4The Ever Shrinking Tv Show
Oct 3Happy Birthday
Oct 2You Look Like Big Bird
Oct 1Meet Up
Sep 30Three Thousand Years
Sep 29The Jewish Calendar
Sep 28Yogi Berra Passed Away
Sep 27The “All Lives Matter” Response
Sep 26Flat Earther
Sep 25The Donald Duck Question
Sep 24Giving The Toddler A Choice
Sep 23The Little Boys Dream
Sep 22Eat Your Brussels Sprouts
Sep 21Defined By War Veterans
Sep 20Kelly Called After Two Years
Sep 13Wakeup Call
Sep 12Capitalism Is Destroying The World
Sep 11The All Important Star Trek Question
Sep 10The Trump Press Conference
Sep 9The Supportive Friend
Sep 8Trump Vs Lemont
Sep 7Trump And Kanye
Sep 6Americas Cheer Leader
Sep 5The Sister
Sep 4A Sign
Sep 3The Vanishing Of The Butterflies
Sep 2Arms Were A Bad Idea
Sep 1The Airbnb Anecdote
Aug 31The Uber Society
Aug 28Before Clyde Forgets
Aug 27She Appreciates Him
Aug 26Just A Few Clicks
Aug 25Relevant Television
Aug 24Is There Life Out There
Aug 23Susan Smells Really Good Today
Aug 22Cdog Pontificates On Virtue
Aug 21Just When We Needed Him
Aug 20Lemont Would Hate To Be Bill Clinton
Aug 19He Is So Tired Of “Fat-Shaming”
Aug 18Why Lemont Wants To Own A House
Aug 17Police Departments Are Changing Their Ways
Aug 16Best Dad Ever
Aug 15Guess What Cdog
Aug 14Lots Of Progress In 200 Years
Aug 13Cd0g Talks About The Future
Aug 12Lemont Feels Guilty
Aug 11A Funny Thing About Robin Thickes New Girlfriend
Aug 10Watching Star Trek DS9 Again
Aug 9Special Delivery For C-Dog
Aug 8Momma Sighed
Aug 7Single Momma
Aug 6Elmo
Aug 5The Age Of Colonization
Aug 4The Impulse Drive Is Real
Aug 3Bernie Sanders
Aug 1Msm Guy Strikes Again
Jul 31Susan Always Knew
Jul 30A Grizzly Story
Jul 29Lemont Just Had To Call Momma
Jul 28That Time Lemont Called His Old College Roommate
Jul 27Misquoting Donald Trump
Jul 26We Built A City On Mercury
Jul 25The Biggest Conspiracy Theories In History
Jul 24Is Lemont Living In The Matrix
Jul 23Janet Jacksons New Song
Jul 22The Six Week Cough
Jul 21The Case Of The Missing Grandpas
Jul 20Guess What?
Jul 19The Number Of Fights Cdog Has Started
Jul 11She Cannot See Lionel
Jul 10Lionel Is Very Advanced
Jul 9Pick Another Story
Jul 8Unavoidable Consequences
Jul 7Teaching Him To Say I Love You
Jul 6Church Burnings
Jul 5The Number Of Words You Say In Your Life
Jul 4Lemont Only Had The Sniffles
Jul 3Internet Women Are Not Like Real Women
Jul 2The Internet Is An Alternate Universe
Jul 1The Disappearing Fries
Jun 30America Is A Prison State
Jun 29Racists Did Not Misappropriate The Confederate Flag
Jun 28Leaving Concast For Roku
Jun 27Unwanted Immortality
Jun 26Life Is Better In The Alternate Universe
Jun 25The Debt Collector
Jun 24Teachers Punish Black Students More Harshly
Jun 23Calling A Little Kid Bad
Jun 22The Godfather Approach To Child Rearing
Jun 21He Samples All Life Has To Offer
Jun 20The Very Wrong Number
Jun 19The Ocean Of Life
Jun 18The Thoughtful Parent
Jun 17Little Lionel Brown Gets Bullied
Jun 16A Way To Defeat Isis
Jun 15Same Story Different Faces
Jun 14Nobody Could Have Known Iraq Would Be A Mess
Jun 13Mad Max Optimism
Jun 12He Was Just Thinking About Thinking
Jun 11Melba Koh Is Getting Away With Everything
Jun 10The X-Files Is Returning
Jun 9Greater Britain
Jun 8A Cop Shooting In Cleveland
May 31GandhiAward
May 30The Real Flash
May 29She Makes It All Up
May 28Getting That Number
May 27People Make Their Own Realities
May 26The Real Ashy Larry
May 25Adventures In Reverse Psychology
May 23Should Of
May 22A Hard Apology To Make
May 21Nothin Is Forever According To Cdog
May 20Forget Flying Cars And Jetpacks
May 19It Is Not At All About Lemont
May 18Two Billion Per Month In Afghanistan
May 17His Little Boy’s Favorite Thing
May 16When Lemont Dropped His Phone In The Toilet
May 15One Thing Susan Doesnt Get About Baltimore
May 14Liberals Always Pick The Wrong Hero
May 13Black People Have Super Powers
May 12The Real Story Of The Baltimore Riot
May 11A Nationally Televised Spanking In Baltimore
May 3The NASA Moon Conspiracy
May 2Elizabeth Olsen From Full House
May 1Susan Asks Lemont To See The Avengers
Apr 30The Résumé Of Susan Garcia
Apr 29Bill Cosby Aint Never Been Funny
Apr 28Clyde Actually Wants To Read The Newspaper
Apr 27His Tragic Ill Fated Love
Apr 26Proof The Moon Landing Was Faked
Apr 25American Idol Sucks This Year
Apr 24Susan And Her Ten Cups Of Coffee
Apr 23Bulldozer Dad
Apr 22Hillary Clinton Went To Chipotle
Apr 21Reconnecting With Concast Cable
Apr 20The Brand New Hillary Clinton
Apr 18Clyde Watches The News
Apr 17Reverend Wilfred And The Gay Wedding
Apr 16Lemont Wrote Susans Profile
Apr 15Cdog Sorry He Was Insensitive
Apr 14Walter Scott Slowly Ran From The Cop
Apr 13Walter Scott Gunned Down
Apr 11The Knowledge Quota
Apr 10Lemonts Checking Account Be Over Drawn
Apr 9Lemont Looks Happy
Apr 8Friends Tell Friends How Much They Earn
Apr 7Dick Fink And The Smelly Soup
Apr 6ISIS Ruined Everything
Apr 5The Five-Second Man
Apr 4Rescue From Gilligans Island
Apr 3In Susan’s Dream, Theyre Married
Apr 2Lemonts Patented Comprehensive Apology
Apr 1About Those Return Policies
Mar 31About All Those Empire Plot Twists
Mar 30Did You See The Empire Finale
Mar 27I Have Never Heard You Sing
Mar 26Would You Go Back In Time
Mar 25Humans Should Be On The Moon By Now
Mar 24Hey Is For Lemonts
Mar 23The Sign Blocker
Mar 21About That Email Nonsense
Mar 20Where Babies Come From
Mar 19Why Susan Wants Clinton
Mar 18Derailed By Tiny Things
Mar 18The Unusual Admission
Mar 17The Convenience Of Hillary Clinton
Mar 17What Makes Him Happy
Mar 16Clinton Emails
Mar 16Genuinely Happy
Mar 15Loving Something Warts And All
Mar 15Men Like Bad Girls
Mar 14The Unusual Admission
Mar 14Why Teen Girls Join Isis
Mar 13What Makes Him Happy
Mar 13Stop Trying to Change Me
Mar 12Genuinely Happy
Mar 11Men Like Bad Girls
Mar 10Why Teen Girls Join Isis
Mar 9To Fundamentally Change
Mar 8Lemont Is Through With The Flash
Mar 6Always Ask People About Themselves
Mar 5An Easy Trick For Filling Awkward Pauses
Mar 4Believing In Past Lives
Mar 3Is The Supernatural As Real As The Natural?
Mar 2Witness To A Passing Unicorn
Feb 27To Boldly Go
Feb 21Being Single Is Underrated
Feb 20Lemont Calls Sasha
Feb 19Susan Does The Math
Feb 18Whatever Happened To Sasha
Feb 17The Republic Is Dead
Feb 16The Triple Negative
Feb 15The Crazy 2016 Theory
Feb 14A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Feb 13Lemont Sang His Baby A Bunch Of Songs
Feb 12You Are So Grounded Daddy
Feb 11Should Lemont Cover Isis
Feb 10Lemont Wants To Punish Isis
Feb 9The Dead Kid Super Bowl Commercial
Feb 8The Miami Beach Mugshots
Feb 7Neil Degrasse Tyson Was Wrong
Feb 6Lemont Stands Susan Up
Feb 5He Wanted To Be Harriet Tubman
Feb 4What Life Will Be Like When We’re Forty
Feb 3C-Dog Had No Other Choice
Feb 2I Need You to Hold Something For Me, Bruh
Feb 1Conservatives Love To Hate Hollywood
Jan 31Life Is All About Death
Jan 30Single Parent Hangups
Jan 29How Cereal Is Made
Jan 28Back And Gone Again
Jan 27Bond Bigots
Jan 26Black Bond
Jan 17Conitinual Vs Continuous
Jan 16Nothing Ends
Jan 15Proof We Are All A Computer Simulation
Jan 14We Are All A Simulation
Jan 13Men Who Call Their Daughters Princess
Jan 12Filing Married
Jan 11Relations With Cuba
Jan 10The Best Family Heirloom
Jan 9My Appendix Just Ruptured
Jan 8Why Hes Going To The Hospital
Jan 7You Are Several Different People
Jan 6Lemonts Most Dangerous Admission Ever
Jan 5Lemonts New Years Resolution
Jan 4The Adventures Of Sponge Man
Jan 3Being All Alone In The Galaxy Is Not So Bad
Jan 2The Galaxy Is Teeming With Life
Jan 1Taylor Swift Is Everywhere