2017 Archive

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Dec 31Clyde Has A Problem With Lemonts Doctor
Dec 30The Facebook Friend From Uzbekistan
Dec 29He Insists On Loving Movies
Dec 28About Lemonts Star Wars The Last Jedi Review
Dec 27Police Shoot Another Unarmed Man
Dec 26The Giftwrapped Gift
Dec 25Christmas Hashtags
Dec 24The Christmas Eve Crisis
Dec 22Lemont Considers Breaking Up
Dec 20Feeling Weird
Dec 19Susan Writes A Novel
Dec 18The IQ Of Cdog
Dec 17The Creepy Boston Dynamics Robots
Dec 16The Last Jedi Was Amazing But Just Wait
Dec 15Watching The Last Jedi Through Watery Eyes
Dec 14The Key To Happiness
Dec 13The Madness Of The Holidays
Dec 12The New Tax Bill
Dec 11The True Size Of It All
Dec 10Why This Man Is Hiding Beneath A Couch
Dec 9About That Doctor Seuss Quote
Dec 8Clyde On The War On Christmas
Dec 7Merry Christmas Already
Dec 6Clyde And Doctor Seuss
Dec 5Lemont Interviews Ajit Pai
Dec 4Net Neutrality
Dec 2Just Call It All Fake
Dec 1The One Electron Theory
Nov 30Lemont And Memory
Nov 29Memory Loss Could Mean Anything
Nov 28Susans Mama Is Absolutely Fine
Nov 27How Is Your Mom
Nov 26The House Of Cards Comes Falling Down
Nov 18Alexa Acts Up Sometimes
Nov 17Affordable Care Act
Nov 16Religious Freedom At Work
Nov 15What Ever Happened To Vancouver
Nov 14Missing Vancouver
Nov 13The November 4 Antifa Apocalypse
Nov 12YouTube Demonetizes Everything Worth Seeing
Nov 10Single Moms And Dads On Tv
Nov 9The Arc Of History Trends Toward Nice
Nov 8About That Third Stanza Of The Star Spangled Banner
Nov 7John Kelly Calls Robert E Lee An Honorable Man
Nov 6General John Kelly Is A History Genius
Nov 5The Troll In Chief Always Wins
Nov 4The Ghost Cities Of China
Nov 3A Sigh Is Just A Sigh
Nov 2The Fix Earth Before Going To Mars Meme
Nov 1Perception Vs Reality
Oct 31A Telescope Is Nothing But Heartache
Oct 30About That Desperate North Korea Letter
Oct 29Moron
Oct 22Ungrateful Black NFL Protesters
Oct 20Too Soon To Talk About Gun Violence
Oct 19Plenty Of Things Kill More People Than Guns
Oct 17The Black Panthers Were Patriots
Oct 16More Shootings Than Baseball Games
Oct 15How Lemont Got Pre Qualified For Debt Consolidation
Oct 14The Biocentrism Theory
Oct 13The Exit And The Entrance
Oct 12Clyde Has Something To Say About Matlock
Oct 11Preemptive Hate For Star Trek Discovery
Oct 10Lemont Helps Out In Puerto Rico
Oct 9The President In Puerto Rico
Oct 8The Heart Attack That Wasnt
Oct 7The Best Part Of Having Kids
Oct 6The Child Wants His Apple Juice
Oct 5Susan Suggests A YouTube Show
Oct 4Surrounded By Very Very Big Water
Oct 3The Rhetorical Puerto Rico Question
Oct 2Repeal And Replace Has Been Repealed
Oct 1The Changing Book Title Mystery
Sep 30Equifax Gets Hacked
Sep 29How About Those Chokers
Sep 28Susans Donkey Incident
Sep 27The Hornswaggler Reasoning
Sep 26The Orville And Star Trek
Sep 25The Wasted Life Of The Journalist
Sep 23Bribery May Or May Not Work
Sep 22Momma Owes Lemont The Truth
Sep 21How Old Was That Microwave Anyway
Sep 20The Childhood Crisis Is Profound
Sep 19Little Lionel Grieves For His Microwave
Sep 18When To Let Go Of A Family Heirloom
Sep 16The Self Assured Person
Sep 15Six Months Till Zero
Sep 14Eighties And Nineties Sitcoms Are Coming Back
Sep 13Susan Forgives Lemont
Sep 12News Is Now A Poem
Sep 11Where Is All Lives Matter
Sep 10The Conspiracy Theory Loving Uncle
Sep 3Move Right Democrats
Sep 2Tyrone Strikes Gold
Sep 1CDogs Dangerous Philosophy
Aug 31Lemont Feuds With Joan Walsh
Aug 30Lemont Questions Joss Whedons Wifes Story
Aug 29Lightening Up With Joss Whedon
Aug 28The Comic Strip Shared Universe
Aug 27The Democratic Partys Bold New Plan
Aug 26Both Sides Must Come Together In Unity
Aug 25Figmond Tripp Is Finally Woke
Aug 24C Dog Cordially Invites You
Aug 23Cdog On The Coming Race War
Aug 22Sjw And Other White Supremacist Code Words
Aug 21Remember When White Supremacists Marched On Charlottesville
Aug 20Open Mike Night Presents Kids
Aug 19The Uncontacted Tribes Of Earth
Aug 18Mythological Creatures That Arent
Aug 17Future Lemont Has An Important Request
Aug 16Watching Jesus Do His Thing
Aug 15Apple And Planned Obsolescence
Aug 14A Problem With Her List Of Countries
Aug 13Momma In Trumps America
Aug 12Msm Guy Has An Important Update
Aug 11Cdog Wont Be Running Scared
Aug 10Still Ranking America
Aug 9Ranking America
Aug 8The Master Plan
Aug 7Ramming Through Healthcare Reform
Aug 6Lemont Single Handedly Solves The Fermi Paradox
Jul 28Balloons Make Anything Possible
Jul 27They Callz Him Bulldogz
Jul 26His Little Boy And The Bully
Jul 25When Little Man Ran The Town
Jul 24Lemont’s Not Mad At Susan
Jul 23The Wake Up Call
Jul 22Why Most Political Comics Are Leftist
Jul 21Lemont Has A Green Eyed Monster
Jul 20Vancouver Leaves Lemont For Good
Jul 19Lemont Shows Vancouver An Incriminating Video
Jul 18Candorville And Vancouver Overlooking The City
Jul 17He Flew In On An Albatross
Jul 16The Most Peculiar Star Trek Fans
Jul 15Susan Calls Lemont With Bad News
Jul 14Divided Airlines Needs A Volunteer
Jul 13Ace Peerless Puts His Foot Down
Jul 12Susan Wants To Watch
Jul 11The Stewardess Recognizes Lemont
Jul 10Susan Garcia Is On A Mission
Jul 9The Vendetta Of Fake Journalist Joy Ann Reid
Jul 7Susan Vows No More Changing The Subject
Jul 6Susan Runs And Hides
Jul 5Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon Is Compromised
Jul 4California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
Jul 3Ace Peerless Has A Question To Ask Susan
Jul 2What If We Had Lost The Revolution
Jul 1A Series Of Eye Opening Developments
Jun 30Vancouver And The Willow Chronicles
Jun 29What Became Of Rudy Park
Jun 28Russia Kills Journalists And Dissidents
Jun 27Randy Meets Vancouver
Jun 26Vancouver And Lemont Surprise Each Other
Jun 24What Has Lemont Been Up To Since College
Jun 23The Long Awaited Cease Fire
Jun 22You Look Mighty Familiar
Jun 21So You Happen To Be A Journalist
Jun 20“Siri, Dictate A Note On The DL.”
Jun 19Watch Out For Those Bunnies
Jun 18Reporters Are Getting Beaten And Arrested
Jun 17The Mature Way To Deal With A Bully
Jun 16Lemont Was Bullied Too
Jun 15How To Stop A Bully
Jun 14Lionel Is Being Bullied
Jun 13Brixton Is Being Not Nice
Jun 12Looking For Bad Boy Lionel Brown
Jun 11Twenty Years After College
Jun 10They Are Landing At The North Pole After All
Jun 9Why They Cannot Land At The North Pole
Jun 8They’re Not Flying Over The North Pole
Jun 7He Can’t See Where The Plane Is Now
Jun 6Lemont Brown Emails Rudy Park
Jun 5The Twentieth College Reunion Hits A Snag
Jun 4Nectar Of The Gods Maybe
Jun 2Richard Collins III In His Own Words
Jun 1He Didn’t Even Know Richard Collins III
May 31A Young Man Cut Down Too Soon
May 30On The Way To His Graduation
May 29Asking The Impossible
May 27The Fate Of Phil Anders
May 26Ace Peerless Found A Way Out
May 25What Federal Agent Murph Wants
May 24Rudy Park Is A Russian Mole
May 23Whats Lawyer Got To Do With It
May 22We Were Once So Close
May 21The Coral Reefs Are Basically Dead
May 20They Get The Russia Thing All Wrong
May 19The Old Man King Lear
May 18Our Worlds Collapsing
May 17The Dream Team
May 16Harbinger Of Things To Come
May 15The Elusive Bearicorn
May 14Purposely Destroying All Our Institutions
May 7The Darkness Before The Light
May 6Hustled Like No Ones Been Hustled Before
May 5Clyde Is On The Warpath
May 4C Dog Is Just Jealous Of Lemont
May 3C Dog Thinks Of The Children
May 2C Dog On Donald Trumps First 100 Days
May 1The Terrible Horrible No Good AP Interview
Apr 30Steve Vader Visits The Therapist
Apr 28Clyde Needs Me Time
Apr 27If Anything Happens
Apr 26Why No Doctor
Apr 24Where Susan Be At
Apr 21We Could Have Paradise
Apr 20Star Trek Is Communist Propaganda
Apr 19Fairness And Accuracy
Apr 18The Long List Gets Longer
Apr 17Cousin Mafalda Got Deported
Apr 16The Russian Y Hall Scandal
Apr 15Why He Doesnt Like Hospitals
Apr 14About To Have A Heart Attack
Apr 13Grabbing His Arm All Day
Apr 12He Cant Catch His Breath
Apr 11He’s Got Serious Heartburn
Apr 10Planned Parenthood Does Lots Of Things
Apr 9Big Bird In Trouble
Apr 7Turbo Is Back In Town
Apr 6Time Is Money
Apr 5Interviewing The Bold Democrats
Apr 4His Taxes Are Due
Apr 3Why Lemont Would Rather Buy Than Rent
Apr 2The Afghanistan War Is A Disrespectful Jerk
Apr 1The Working For Women Award
Mar 31Lemont Is A Snitch
Mar 30All Those Friends He Has
Mar 29Retirement Plan
Mar 28Lemont Cannot Get Out
Mar 27Lemont Is Not Moving After All
Mar 26After He Said “You Put On A Pound”
Mar 25Whats Going On On Our Neighboring Planet
Mar 24Caling Ask Sadie For Advice
Mar 23Cdog On The Perfect Woman
Mar 22Lemont Didnt Tell Susan The Big News
Mar 21Lemont Has Full Custody of Lionel
Mar 20The Tone In Her Phone Call
Mar 19Where Fake News Comes From
Mar 18The Unusual Admission
Mar 17What Makes Him Happy
Mar 16Genuinely Happy
Mar 15Men Like Bad Girls
Mar 14Why Teen Girls Join Isis
Mar 13To Fundamentally Change
Mar 11His Wife Is Such A Jerk
Mar 10When He Knew It Was True Love
Mar 9Unfriending The Old Roommate
Mar 8People Love Being Lied To
Mar 7There Is No More Same Page
Mar 6So Called Facebook Friends
Feb 23Lemont Wins The Big Award
Feb 22The Valentine’s Day Flocks
Feb 21Omarossa Bullies Journalist April Ryan
Feb 20Lemont’s Credentials Have Been Revoked
Feb 19He Has A Common Disorder
Feb 12Their Lives After She Took Him Back
Feb 11The Sad Sidewalk Crack
Feb 10Why Mankind Falls For Authoritarian Leaders
Feb 9Why Young Justice Is Back
Feb 8She Wants To Watch Star Trek With Him
Feb 7The Social Injustice Warrior
Feb 6Tyrone Wants To Matter
Feb 5The New CHiPs Ain’t The Old CHiPs
Feb 4A Dark And Gritty Superhero Movie
Feb 3Life Is A Play
Feb 2Dick Fink Is A Graduate Of The Orwell School Of Gaslightingtif
Feb 1The One Moment When It Could Have Gone Either Way
Jan 31Donald Trump Really Believes His Illegal Vote Story
Jan 30Clyde Watches His Show
Jan 29The Mimic City Hypothesis
Jan 26Why the Age Of Civility Is Over
Jan 25That Time Lemont Gave Chuck His Best Move
Jan 24The Dream of the Mythical Factory Worker
Jan 23A New Character Has Swung The Pendulum Bigly
Jan 22The Revolution That Never Happened
Jan 21The Perfect Woman Is In Canada
Jan 20Lemont Walked With Vancouver On The Beach
Jan 19Moments That Defy Explanation
Jan 18Vancouver Was Nervous Too
Jan 17He Had Rehearsed For A Year For Vancouver
Jan 16What Happened When Vancouver Opened The Door
Jan 15That Time Lemont Called Bung Lee Plumbing
Jan 11We Are All A Simulation
Jan 10Men Who Call Their Daughters “Princess”
Jan 9Filing Married at Tax Time
Jan 8Kelly Says She’s Getting Married
Jan 7Kelly Says She’s Getting Married