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Wanna help out?
Darrin Bell created Candorville in 2003 to bring some fresh blood to the comics page, and was pleased to discover it did not bump him into a higher tax bracket. Did you know newspapers pay 1970’s wages for comic strips? Did you know cartoonists are paid absolutely nothing when you read their work online? Did you know that most cartoonists can’t afford the necessities of life, like legal defense fees, dental insurance or something called “food?” Stop the madness, people! Help Darrin pay for his lawyer. Help fix Darrin’s teeth. Help keep Darrin’s Big Mac cupboard full, and not only will you keep Candorville alive and kicking, you’ll get some pretty cool stuff (well, cool to Candorville fans, collectors & Darrin’s Mom).

Here’s what you can do:

Join the 2007 Candorville Patron Program
By signing up to be in one of the “Candorville” patron programs, you’ll receive assorted swag, like Candorville buttons, discounts on Candorville books and even limited edition art prints.

Sponsor the strip for a day
By making a small donation of just $5 we will display your name or nickname, and if you like, a short personal message on the homepage for an entire day! Not only will you be supporting the strip, but you’ll have a fun oportunity to send a brief message out to all of our readers!

Promote your website with a sponsor ad
If you have a website you’d like to promote here, then click the link above to find out how to become an official Candorville Ad Sponsor. You’ll have the opportunity to place an ad for your website for a day, a week, a month, a year, however long you choose!

Buy some merchandise
The Candorville book collections make great gifts for friends, family, enemies or even yourself. Click the link above for information about all of the various collections available. You can order the books in your favorite local bookstore, or on through our Amazon affiliate storefront, or if you’d like signed & numbered collectors editions (sketch included), you can order from our custom order page. We’ve also got official Candorville t-shirts and other merchandise available through our CafePress store.

Write to your local newspaper or favorite website portal

Papers and websites depend on reader feedback to figure out which comics you want to read. You can help Candorville out by writing to your local paper and asking them to add it (or thanking them for running it, if Candorville’s already on their comics page), or voting for it (and getting everyone you’ve ever heard of to vote for it) when your paper runs its comic polls.

*Support concepts shamelessly cribbed from Bill Holbrook.