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Fox News finally notices the Diebold voting machine scandal

Now that the Democratic Party seems poised to retake the House, Fox News gets concerned about the voting machines. Where were they in 2002 and 2004, when the polls were nearly dead-even and every single Diebold “error” miraculously ended up favoring the Republican Party?

…and, a 10 minute video summarizing the Princeton study (which is one of many studies & tests showing how our votes are being stolen):

What a surprise…

This is all over the conservative blogosphere. Can someone explain to me how a person can actually be nonchalant – if not downright proud – of using divisive wedge issues to drum up support they otherwise wouldn’t earn?

ROVE TIMEStaffers in the White House have been talking up the possibilities of an “October Surprise” or two leading into the mid-term elections. They say the President feels confident he can still play a role in the election, that he intends to campaign hard for Republicans, and that on the policy front, there are a couple of issues that can be used as wedges along the way.-from the conservative mag, The American Spectator 

Here we go…

And so it begins

After a week of early voting, a handful of glitches with electronic voting machines have drawn the ire of voters, reassurances from elections supervisors — and a caution against the careless casting of ballots. Several South Florida voters say the choices they touched on the electronic screens were not the ones that appeared on the review screen — the final voting step.Read more in the Miami Herald

In Mexico, the Ukraine, and pretty much anyplace else where people remember what it’s like to live without democracy, this kind of crap sparks riots, mass protests, and general chaos.

How many of these does it take? has been covering multiple incidents of votes being flipped on the electronic voting machines, which will be used by well over 80% of voters next week. All of the reported incidents so far, just as in 2004 and 2002, are incidents in which votes for Democrats are flipped to the benefit of Republicans. Not some. Not most. ALL. Oh well. The Media says they’re only “glitches.” Besides, these “glitches” consistently doing what’s statistically impossible – benefitting only one political party – is just the mother of all coincidences, I’m sure. I’ll file this under “move along, nothing to see here…”

Vote and be deported

One reader wrote in to complain about today’s strip, which he’s absolutely, positively, “150% sure” is an example of Candorville “makeing up stuff all thu time!” (Since he was so creative with the spelling, I figured I’d leave it as it was). I was very surprised to learn that Mr. “Fuk off looser” (well, that’s how he signed his letter) hadn’t been paying attention to the news. Sadly there’s no need to “make stuff up” when real life has become stranger than fiction.

Hispanic voters targeted AGAIN?

In honor of the repeated attempt to disenfranchise Hispanic voters, I’ll re-post that last cartoon:Bradblog has posted a note from a Democratic voter in New Mexico. The voter’s complaint prompted a judge to issue an injunction preventing the Republican Party of New Mexico from calling non-Republicans with precinct information. It seems voters with Hispanic surnames may have been specifically targeted:

Yesterday (11/04), about 1pm MST, I rec’d a phone message from the Republican Party of NM telling me that my polling location was John Adams Middle School. My polling place is usually Longfellow Elementary about 1 block away. John Adams is about 7 1/2 miles away. In my horror and disgust I quickly deleted the message. Thinking that maybe my polling place changed, I then called the **Republican Party** here and simply asked if they could tell me my polling place. They asked my address only, I told them, and they said, “You vote at Longfellow.” This is correct and I hung up.About 5pm MST, the Republican Party of NM called AGAIN and left a message telling me that my election day polling place was West Mesa High School, even further away than John Adams. They gave the full address and zip code. My Caller ID shows “REPUBLICAN PART.” I DID NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE.Then around 7pm MST, the same thing happened. The Republican Party of NM called and left a message telling me that my election day polling place was back to John Adams Middle School. My Caller ID shows “NEW MEXICO VICT.” I did a Google search on the phone number and this entry came up:New Mexico Republican Party :: CalendarSummary:, Contact your local county party or call the Victory Officeat (505) XXX-XXXX to find out what you can do to help our 2006 Republican candidates. …I DID NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE.If you want the actual phone numbers, I can give them to you…-Read more at

So far this is the only complaint about this, but it certainly fits the pattern that’s plagued our elections since 2000. There’s something seriously wrong with your party if you have to keep people from voting in order to win elections.•••

Ignoring that cross-burning elephant in the room

There’s an old English idiom about an “elephant in the room.” An elephant sits in the corner of a room, while everyone in the room just sort of pretends it’s not there so they don’t have to talk about it. Once they did talk about it, after all, they’d have to do something about it, and nobody wants to be the one who has to try and evict an elephant. So everyone goes about their business as if the elephant isn’t there.America is a land filled with elephants. For instance…We all want to believe the racist practice of voter disenfranchisement is dead and gone, so much so that we’re willing to ignore it when it’s sitting in our kitchen, its trunk is flailing about knocking over the microwave, and it’s eating our lunch. That particular elephant, which we thought we’d killed in 1964 when LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act into law, has again been sitting in our rooms ever since the year 2000 when Florida’s Secretary of State – who also just happened to be George Bush’s campaign chairwoman – denied tens of thousands of African-Americans their right to vote by wrongly declaring them “felons.” (the felon voting rules themselves have their genesis in the Civil Rights era, as a means to disenfranchise Blacks, who were far more likely than Whites to be convicted of felonies in the South). That pachyderm has been chilling in the corner with a big tub of nachos ever since the party that benefitted from its presence refused to investigate it, and the Justice Department declined to hunt it down.Nationwide, 1.9 million black votes were discarded. Thrown away. Not counted. That was 50% of the ballots that were discarded as “spoiled” in 2000, even though Blacks only made up 12% of the electorate.-SF Chronicle, June 20, 2004Now, as all people who benefit from crimes would say, “that’s in the past. Get over it. Forget about it. Move along, there’s nothing to see here.” Well, unfortunately for our leaders, the American people – or at least a large number of us – have longer memories than they’d like us to have. When the people who committed this crime are still benefitting from it and still trying to do it again, it is not “in the past.”2004•Florida AGAIN tried to remove thousands of Black voters from the rolls. The state run by George Bush’s brother created ANOTHER “potential felons list” filled with people who’ve never committed a felony. That one would’ve robbed more than 22,000 African Americans of their right to vote.(“Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed.” NY Times, July 10, 2004)•It was widely reported that in several urban precincts in Ohio, African Americans had to wait up to ten hours in line in order to vote. Ohio’s Secretary of State, another Bush campaign chairman, refused to provide minority precincts with an adequate number of voting machines. There was no such problem in the predominantly Caucasian suburbs.2006As for this year, time will tell. I would be THRILLED if I were proven wrong this year. I really hope that happens. I really do. But the damage may have already been done, as Black voters, disillusioned by the resurrection of the age-old pracitice of voter disenfranchisement, may simply stay home today.Some Americans would have us believe it’s all in the past — still others would have us believe it never happened at all. I spoke with one of those this morning when Frank Beckmann, an ABC “News” talkshow host from Michigan, called to talk about last Sunday’s cartoon (above). During the interview, he told me Blacks “have not been disenfranchised,” that those 54,000 African Americans who were removed from the voter rolls in 2000 WERE felons (even though the United States government report on the election concluded the opposite), and that reports of long lines in Ohio were simply wrong. People can convince themselves that any problem doesn’t exist if they don’t want it to exist – or if they benefit from its existence.Anyone who’s read Candorville should know that I don’t believe it serves us to ignore the elephants that stand in our rooms, no matter what they are, from the constant persecution of gays, to voter disenfranchisement, to the pervasive thug culture. We can’t solve our problems unless we have the courage to first acknowledge they exist. Instead of ignoring the elephants, we should grab our elephant guns and go on safari. As difficult as it may be, it has to be done.•••

Iranians show USA how it’s done

See this, America? This is how you respond to stolen elections.