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Geraldine Ferraro Needs a New Dictionary

Geraldine Ferraro, who thinks being black in America is an unfair advantage and who thinks she’s discriminated against because she’s white (rather than being dismissed for sounding like a crackpot), now says she probably won’t vote for Obama because he’s “terribly sexist.” I don’t remember “beating Hillary Clinton fair and square” being the definition of “sexist.” 

“If I criticize Obama, I’m racist?!”

Every time I follow a link from the Drudge Report to an article that allows comments, I inevitably find some indignant Drudge poster writing “if I criticize Obama, I’m a racist?!” Having been accused of racism myself for odd reasons (drawing a cartoon condemning racism makes you racist in some people’s eyes), I don’t automatically dismiss the sentiment. But then those posters usually go on to call Obama “Kenya’s favorite son,” or to say something else that demonstrates why their Obama criticism is suspect.

I bet this cartoonist indignantly says “if I criticize Obama, I’m racist?!” all the time.

David Cohen
Asheville Citizen-Times
Feb 9, 2009