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Amazing animation: A patrol in Iraq

This is simply incredible (animation and handling of the subject matter):

Surprisingly, Bush Lied about the Golf Thing

As previously mentioned, GW Bush claimed to have experienced an epiphany after a horrible bombing in Iraq. No more would the families of dead and mutilated soldiers have to suffer alone — no, the President too would suffer along with them. By giving up golf.


Well, as Keith Olbermann pointed out in his latest special comment (toward the end), the president who lied a nation into war, who lied about the Valerie Plame incident, who lied about… well, it would probably be quicker to just list what he didn’t lie about. Anyway, he wasn’t even telling the truth about the golf thing. The AP photographed him playing golf two months after he said he’d made his fateful decision to give up playing his game.


McCain is Wile E. Coyote

I believe that either today or tomorrow — and I’m not privy to his schedule — Sen. Obama will be landing in Iraq with some other senators” who make up a congressional delegation, McCain told a campaign fund-raising luncheon.

First John McCain goads Barack Obama into visiting Iraq. Then, according to Reuters, John McCain leaks the timing of Obama’s Iraq visit. The same John McCain who had argued that the press reporting his son was serving in Iraq would make him a target.When asked whether this was another example of his foreign policy expertise, McCain couldn’t reply, as he was busy ordering a giant anvil from ACME.