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I Wish (I’d Never Met Her)

Whenever I get writers block, something comes along to clear the road. This week it was a single phrase in a Carl Thomas song (you’ll never guess which phrase).

Nate Dogg is Dead.

Nate Dogg’s dead. People are eulogizing him as the man who, more than most, shaped the sound of Nineties hip-hop. He collaborated with just about everyone from Snoop Dogg (no relation) to Erykah Badu. His smooth-as-silk voice will live on in the iTunes libraries of every Gen-Xer until our generation’s last light saber dims. It’s a real mark of character when a man can sing as soulfully about carjacking, womanizing, drug abuse, and cold-blooded murder… as other men do about love and romance. So today, our character playlist is missing a track, and we’ll never replace it. Because Apple doesn’t let you replace missing tracks you’ve already bought, unless you buy them again. But I digress.

A side note: Doctors want to replace both of Prince’s hips… Nate Dogg’s dead… That means both the Eighties AND the Nineties are now officially over (I’ll miss my parachute pants). Those of you who want the ’00s to last forever had better chip in and get Miley Cyrus some multivitamins.