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R.I.P., Godfather

A career told through YouTube clips. Take a moment, there’ll never be another like him…

No, this is not a sketch from Chapelle’s Show


Work for us, and you don’t even have to pay for the privilege!

Great news, movie fans! Now you can work as an extra in a new Wil Ferrell/Woody Harrelson/Andre 3000 movie, and you don’t even have to pay them for the privilege! And look how fun they make it sound! You get food! Maybe, if you’re really really lucky, you’ll win a prize and get to catch a glimpse of some dudes you’ve already seen on TV! Did I mention you don’t even have to pay them for the hours of work you’ll be doing for them?There’s no shortage of ways to get screwed in this world.

CNN is dead to me

Like most Americans, I care whether I live or die — which means, by extension, I care about the state of our nation’s health care system. So when I heard Michael Moore was going to appear on Larry King Live to discuss the failings and possible fixes for that system, I dutifully set my TiVo. What did I find when I tried to watch it? They’d bumped Michael Moore off the show so Larry could waste an hour chatting with Paris Hilton.”CNN: the most trusted name in nonsense.”

…Yeah, that was so much more relevant to our lives than what we could have gotten.

“Stephanie Miller Show” goes slumming with Candorville’s Darrin Bell

For some unknown reason, Elayne Boosler, guest hosting the Stephanie Miller Show on Jones Radio Network (& aired on many Air America affiliates), decided to spend a few minutes interviewing yours truly this morning. I didn’t post about this beforehand or tell friends or family because it would scare the hell out of me knowing that people were actually listening to me live. “They” say most Americans fear public speaking more than they fear death, and for a cartoonist who’s used to spending his days alone, half-naked in a tiny studio with only his characters to keep him company, death would be #3. #2 would be having to wear pants.Still, I sit for interviews whenever I’m asked because, hell, this is a dream come true for me — creating cartoons that strangers (who don’t owe me anything) spend a few precious, irretrievable seconds out of their days to read — and when someone asks me to talk about that on the radio or TV or a panel discussion, it’s a reminder that it’s actually happening, that that little kid who “wasted time” drawing Optimus Prime and Snoopy in his textbooks actually became what he wanted to be.Here’s the interview. Behind this buffer of time, it isn’t so scary. From today’s Stephanie Miller Show:

If the Media were Liberal…

If the Media were truly Liberal, this (minus the sarcastic bookends) is the kind of thing we’d see during the day after Oprah, instead of after Midnight on a Saturday:

Tom Hanks is James Bond

I would so definitely see this…

“And now, for a moment of Zen”

Came across this on This Modern World. Thanks to the Internet, our most embarassing moments can now live on forever: