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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-07

  • New blog post: What Time It Is? #
  • Anyone else having iTunes problems? First all apps on iPhone stopped working. Then tried logging into account on iTunes & got error message. #
  • My iPhone apps won’t open & I need their data b4 I restore. How can I see the directories & drag files stored by 3rd party apps to my Mac? #
  • Fixed #iPhone by restoring from oldest backup. Wonder if I can also fix credit score that way. #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 1 #
  • #Candorville starts in Santa Cruz Sentinel 2day. Will break in2 stands & autograph all papers when there this weeknd. Hope fans have bail $. #
  • Walking thru supermarket, noticed a vibrating razor. 5 sharp blades. Vibrating. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Naturally I bought it. #
  • Note 2 self: go on, buy shoulder-mounted insect-devouring lizard for next mid-day hike through Griffith Park. #
  • REALLY weird vibe in #Griffith_Park 2day. Guys keep stopping mid-trail& staring@me&each other. Finally stared back&1 dude ducked bhind tree. #
  • New blog post: Fan-Made “Green Lantern” Movie Trailer #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 2 #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 3 #
  • Just saw Tom Hanks get smashed by huge meteor on Tonight Show. This was actually the original ending 4 “Angels & Demons.” True story. #
  • NEW COMIC: Dick Cheney’s In the Closet #
  • There were clouds today but no rain. Then the sun came out & it rained. Now rain’s gone but clouds are back. It must not be opposite day. #
  • Ken Burns sent me ALL his documentaries in xchange 4 a signed Candorville print. Speechless now. #
  • Readers R funny. Use “you’re” when u should use “your” ONCE & ur illiterate. Even though you’ve used your & you’re correctly for 5 years. #
  • Ate a sandwich while hiking on the trail. Came home. Sat on couch & had trail mix for lunch. Something’s wrong here. #
  • On road trip to Santa Cruz. It’s a tour of California wildlife: oxen, cattle, rest stop perverts… #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-14

  • Riding train thru majestic redwood 4est. Trees older than country. They’d make a gr8 bookcase & matching armoire. #
  • Driving down PCH, looking at all the off-shore oil drilling rigs wrecking the view. Was about 2 complain, then I remembered we’re DRIVING. #
  • RT: Dick Cheney just refuses to get off my TV. Apparently during the years 2001-2008, his secret undisclosed location was the year 2009. #
  • Previous post re-tweeted for new followers & because I used it in a strip yesterday. #
  • Glad to be home. It’s just like the redwood forest I just visited, only with a lot less wood and a lot more plaster. #
  • It takes balls to publicly mock the IRS. But I’d like to keep mine, so I won’t. #
  • At banquet, watched drunk friend accept award & tell a story about how the guy sitting next 2 me was killed by the cops. Best. Monday. Ever. #
  • 88 year-old racist who denied Jews were victims of atrocities shoots up Holocaust Museum in attempt to win 2009 Irony Award. #
  • After Obama = Hate-mongers R shooting people cuz they fear their country is dying. Thank God it IS dying. I like the new one better. #
  • Called 2 ask bank 2 reverse newly-decreased credit line AND THEY DID. Gonna go buy lottery ticket & see where this unnatural luck takes me. #
  • GOP sez NO 2 public health plan b/c it’d kill HMOs. It’d be cheaper, more attractive & every1 would choose it. Yeah, save me from that, GOP! #
  • Grabbed “darrinbell” Facebook name in rush 2 beat 14 other Darrin Bell’s. Regret not picking “BarackObama” instead. #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-21

  • Fox “News” tries 2 win 2009 Irony Award by being SHOCKED that we haven’t stood up & said (2 Iran) “stealing elections is unacceptable.” #
  • Paste yesterday’s Candorville in2 your 2009 tax return, send me proof & be entered 2 win signed copy of next Cville book #
  • Obama Inauguration posters are now back in stock if you didn’t grab one the first time around: #
  • The #IranElection battles sure are exciting. Their “Green Revolution” may actually bring about a kinder, gentler oppressive theocracy. #
  • Adventures in Idiocy: Just discovered #Indesign image catalogue script could do in 5 seconds wht ive spent the past 2 months doing by hand. #
  • Sen. Alexander (R) on CNN now. Sez govrun healthcare wastes 10% of its $$ so it’s better 2 help poor buy private insurance which wastes 25%. #
  • I was thinking about running #DiskDoctor on my #Macbook to get rid of some bugs, but I don’t want PETA coming after me. #
  • See America? THIS is how U respond 2 stolen elections. RT @Gul546 Video of Iran rally #iranelection #gr88 #tehran #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-28

  • A reader tells me today’s comic is too arcane for my audience. I say Google & YouTube make concept of “arcane” arcane. #
  • Watching paparazzi film of ambulance w/ Michael Jackson’s dead body. Can’t cameras EVER leave him alone? #
  • Now we’ll NEVER know what “mama-say, mama-sa, ma-maku-sa” means. #
  • If any edcartoonists draw Michael Jackson moonwalking through the Pearly Gates I will personally beat them down w/ a sock full of quarters. #
  • I’ve got a sock full of quarters with Bruce Plante’s name on it. Try harder, cartoonistas! RT @gnostinews Http:// #
  • True story: Elderly reader just asked me about an Iran tweet I posted last week. Had to first tell him “twat” is not past-tense 4 “tweet.” #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-07-05

  • About to watch two hours of huge robots blowing stuff up good. Hope I can follow the plot. #
  • #Transformers felt like a 3hr trailer for a better movie: PUNCH-JOKE-KICK-T&A-EXPLODE-slo-mo-YELL!!!-Cut 2 black. PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH …moral #
  • On a newsgroup right now debating yesterday’s cartoon with people who seem intent on proving me right: #
  • Zombie editors from 1950 censored my Michael Jackson cartoon, but I’ll run the real one on my website next week anyway. #
  • patiently waiting for the Media to move into its “has there been too much MJ coverage?” phase. #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-07-12

  • Well, it’s not called “Whitewashville, is it? RT @gonzo_lust @candorville today’s newspaper strip was NOT FUNNY! Shame on you. #
  • My editors censored today’s Candorville strip 4 papers, but there’s always the Web! See the director’s cut at #
  • Anyone know a good, painless, gentle dentist near Hollywood CA? I don’t mind pain of course, but I’ve got this “friend” who’s a big baby. #
  • Channel 4 just spent about 3 minutes marveling at how well-behaved the crowd is @ the Staples Center MJ memorial. What’d they expect, riots? #
  • Grand Wizards @Channel 4 news still amazed “hooligans” aren’t ruining the MJ Memorial. “But… this is a crowd of all races” they conclude. #
  • End of the Michael Jackson series. One thing’s for sure: I won’t have to beat myself down with a sock full of quarters: #
  • Rev. Jackson said there should B special place in hell 4 grave robbers. There should B special place in PRISON: beneath big horny cellmates. #
  • Outside my windowz fire escape ladder, beautiful bird just hatched some baby birds. In unrelated news, trying 2 decide what 2 have 4 dinner. #
  • This wk I heard from 98 people who know/like me but 4 some reason I was more concerned w/the 2 strangers who stopped following me on Twitter #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-07-19

  • What do you do when your entire world unexpectedly comes crashing down around you? Aside from writing emo posts on Twitter, I mean. #
  • My bad. RT @brucegreenberg @candorville Nice stuff on Iran, but shouldn’t you be covering who is going to get custody of MJ’s kids? #
  • Trying to interview Basij, Iran’s secret police. But Basij only paying attention 2 people in green. #
  • Will put on green hat 2 get their attention. #
  • They don’t see me. Raising hand, like at press conferences. #
  • Basij running over for interview. Will start w/softball question 2 form bond. #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-07-26

  • As I’m biking in STREET in GoldenGatePark, scared old lady on sidewalk yells 4 husband. He raises fist & yells “Get off your bike!” at me. #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-08-02

  • There’s a “special” place in Hell reserved 4 “people” who “express” derision by putting quotation marks where they don’t “belong.” #
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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-08-09

  • In LA. Hot, incredibly humid day + 10 mile bike ride alongside the exhaust-filled 5 freeway. What can possibly go wrong? #
  • Picking up teenage niece at LAX today. Plan on holding up sign that reads “Cuty-pooty Muffintop” to scar her for life. #
  • Just sent out all the Michael Jackson posters, so if you ordered one you’ll have it early next week. #
  • Just sent out all the Michael Jackson posters so if you ordered one you’ll have it early next week. Http:// #
  • I would never use my platform to exact furious vengeance upon those who wrong me. Funny vengeance, though, is another story. #
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