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Book 7:Goodnight Grandpa

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The 7th collection of the syndicated comic strip “Candorville” by Darrin Bell. Lemont’s written a memoir, but when Susan gets to the part where Lemont explains how he and the demon La Llorona accidentally caused the end of the world, Susan questions his sanity. Also, can couple’s counseling fix Lemont’s dysfunctional relationship with his television? After discovering she was Phil Anders’ “other woman,” will Susan give the jerk a second chance. or will she find true love thanks to the sure-fire profile Lemont writes for her? When Susan runs afoul of the cops in Arizona, can she talk them out of deporting her to Mexico? Plus, Lemont’s political blog explodes, but can he win the war at home where it’s his need for a good night’s sleep vs. his baby boy’s pathological need to jump on the bed all night long? And lastly, Lemont accompanies a 94-year-old World War II veteran on his final journey.


Book 6:Does the Afterlife Have Skittles?

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The 6th collection of the syndicated comic strip “Candorville” by Darrin Bell. Can Lemont make time to interview President Obama’s evolving position on gay marriage and Syria’s vicious dictator, even while he’s suing an evil vampire for custody of their son in a court run by the vampire’s own mother? Will he be derailed by nepotism, by the incompetence of his six-year-old attorney, or by the testimony of his former roommate from the insane asylum?

Back home, Lemont’s “One That Got Away” Facebooks him after 14 years, but her mountain of secrets threatens to spoil their second chance at love. Meanwhile, Susan’s boss decides to join the War on Women, and Lemont accompanies Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, and Trayvon Martin on their Final Journeys to the afterlife. And all along, two homeless street philosophers have a strange conversation while they wait by the side of a city road, for *something.*

Book 5:RUN! Vampires, Werewolves, “The One That Got Away,” and Other Demons

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The fifth collection of the syndicated newspaper comic strip Candorville, by Darrin Bell. Lemont’s new success as the Chronicle’s Senior White House Correspondent may be short-lived; as a startling revelation about his evil fiancee propels him and Dr. Noodle on a hilariously perilous journey to the heart of Mexico, where they face bloodthirsty demons, vampires, werewolves, and drug cartels. At home, in honor of the 1st black President, C-Dog summons the ghost of Richard Pryor for advice on how to stop saying the “N” word. He finds himself on the run, impersonating Lemont on his book tour to hide from the insanely huge brother of a girl he’s wronged. And as Susan makes a life-altering pact with her backstabbing assistant, Lemont travels back in time to the Hammer-Time Nineties to help his younger self seduce “The One That Got Away.” Candorville, which has been called “this generation’s Doonesbury,” appears in over 100 papers. This book contains over 750 comics!

Book 4: The Starbucks at the End of the World


Artist’s Edition: Only 200 will be sold! Autographed, stamped & numbered, includes a sketch: $30 (s&h included)

The fourth collection of the syndicated newspaper comic strip Candorville, by Darrin Bell. Barack Obama’s historic election – not to mention Lemont’s journalism career – hinges on a secret mission to rescue a prisoner of war. Lemont survives Embedded Journalists Boot Camp, but can he survive the boat mission up Vietnam’s Nodung River with Anderson Cooper and a crew of misfit soldiers? And what horrifying secret awaits them at the river’s end? At home, Susan dates the Boyfriend-from-Hell as Dick Fink tries to steal her job. C-Dog goes to unbelievable lengths to prove Lemont’s fiancee is cheating and that Lemont may not be Lionel’s father. And when comedian George Carlin dies, Lemont accompanies him on his final journey and accidentally discovers the meaning of life. Candorville has been described as “This generation’s Doonesbury, only a lot more surreal and irreverent.” Contains a whopping 750 comics, and Darrin Bell’s 2008 election night blog post about watching the election of the first black president with his 90 year-old grandfather!

Book 3: Katrina’s Ghost
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After one too many humorous rejections from the New Yorker, Lemont starts his own blog. But will a breaking scandal force him into the spotlight before he’s ready? Will his unbelievable interviews with Hurricane Katrina survivors land him a Pulitzer, or a padded room? And why are socially-awkward Federal agents watching his every move? Meanwhile, C-Dog devises a half-dozen shameless ways to raise funds to publish his new CD. But can he kill off his newfound conscience before it destroys his misogynist street cred? And how can Susan Garcia win her promotion if she’s so busy keeping an eye on her backstabbing assistant and living in denial about Lemont’s life-shattering secret?


Book 2: Another Stereotype Bites the Dust
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Book 2 picks up where the first one left off. Lemont’s recent disastrous date with the Crazy Vegetarian Chick and his constant rejection by the New Yorker have him feeling down, but Lemont is maintaining, and things are looking up. Clyde decides to become his own boss, Susan’s on the fast-track for promotion, and Lemont finds a new reason to keep on writing, the New Yorker be damned. Amidst failed love connections, voter disenfranchisement, a nosy neighbor with a big secret, and a surreal and cathartic visit from a long-lost relative, Lemont, Susan and Clyde keep on keepin’ on. And contrary to popular conspiracy theories, they keep all their civil liberties — at least according to the wiretaps, videotape, and transcribed e-mails compiled by Federal Agent Murph.
Book 1: Thank God for Culture Clash
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In an America where the Declaration of Independence has become a “whiny Liberal conspiracy theory,” three friends try to make their dreams come true. Lemont Brown’s constant war with writers block and rejection letters doesn’t deter him from dreaming of a byline in The New Yorker. Susan Garcia’s a rising star at her advertising agency, but her duplicitous assistant is out for her job. C-Dog’s an undiscovered rapper who hasn’t gotten anywhere in life ’cause he’s too busy bumming $$$ off Lemont, hustling in “that alley over that way,” or hooking up with Paula Abdul. A relentless exposé of the hypocrisies, the injustices and the hilarious absurdities of American culture and politics.

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