2017 Archive

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May 22We Were Once So Close
May 21The Coral Reefs Are Basically Dead
May 20They Get The Russia Thing All Wrong
May 19The Old Man King Lear
May 18Our Worlds Collapsing
May 17The Dream Team
May 16Harbinger Of Things To Come
May 15The Elusive Bearicorn
May 14Purposely Destroying All Our Institutions
May 7The Darkness Before The Light
May 6Hustled Like No Ones Been Hustled Before
May 5Clyde Is On The Warpath
May 4C Dog Is Just Jealous Of Lemont
May 3C Dog Thinks Of The Children
May 2C Dog On Donald Trumps First 100 Days
May 1The Terrible Horrible No Good AP Interview
Apr 30Steve Vader Visits The Therapist
Apr 28Clyde Needs Me Time
Apr 27If Anything Happens
Apr 26Why No Doctor
Apr 24Where Susan Be At
Apr 21We Could Have Paradise
Apr 20Star Trek Is Communist Propaganda
Apr 19Fairness And Accuracy
Apr 18The Long List Gets Longer
Apr 17Cousin Mafalda Got Deported
Apr 16The Russian Y Hall Scandal
Apr 15Why He Doesnt Like Hospitals
Apr 14About To Have A Heart Attack
Apr 13Grabbing His Arm All Day
Apr 12He Cant Catch His Breath
Apr 11He’s Got Serious Heartburn
Apr 10Planned Parenthood Does Lots Of Things
Apr 9Big Bird In Trouble
Apr 7Turbo Is Back In Town
Apr 6Time Is Money
Apr 5Interviewing The Bold Democrats
Apr 4His Taxes Are Due
Apr 3Why Lemont Would Rather Buy Than Rent
Apr 2The Afghanistan War Is A Disrespectful Jerk
Apr 1The Working For Women Award
Mar 31Lemont Is A Snitch
Mar 30All Those Friends He Has
Mar 29Retirement Plan
Mar 28Lemont Cannot Get Out
Mar 27Lemont Is Not Moving After All
Mar 26After He Said “You Put On A Pound”
Mar 25Whats Going On On Our Neighboring Planet
Mar 24Caling Ask Sadie For Advice
Mar 23Cdog On The Perfect Woman
Mar 22Lemont Didnt Tell Susan The Big News
Mar 21Lemont Has Full Custody of Lionel
Mar 20The Tone In Her Phone Call
Mar 19Where Fake News Comes From
Mar 18The Unusual Admission
Mar 17What Makes Him Happy
Mar 16Genuinely Happy
Mar 15Men Like Bad Girls
Mar 14Why Teen Girls Join Isis
Mar 13To Fundamentally Change
Mar 11His Wife Is Such A Jerk
Mar 10When He Knew It Was True Love
Mar 9Unfriending The Old Roommate
Mar 8People Love Being Lied To
Mar 7There Is No More Same Page
Mar 6So Called Facebook Friends
Feb 23Lemont Wins The Big Award
Feb 22The Valentine’s Day Flocks
Feb 21Omarossa Bullies Journalist April Ryan
Feb 20Lemont’s Credentials Have Been Revoked
Feb 19He Has A Common Disorder
Feb 12Their Lives After She Took Him Back
Feb 11The Sad Sidewalk Crack
Feb 10Why Mankind Falls For Authoritarian Leaders
Feb 9Why Young Justice Is Back
Feb 8She Wants To Watch Star Trek With Him
Feb 7The Social Injustice Warrior
Feb 6Tyrone Wants To Matter
Feb 5The New CHiPs Ain’t The Old CHiPs
Feb 4A Dark And Gritty Superhero Movie
Feb 3Life Is A Play
Feb 2Dick Fink Is A Graduate Of The Orwell School Of Gaslightingtif
Feb 1The One Moment When It Could Have Gone Either Way
Jan 31Donald Trump Really Believes His Illegal Vote Story
Jan 30Clyde Watches His Show
Jan 29The Mimic City Hypothesis
Jan 26Why the Age Of Civility Is Over
Jan 25That Time Lemont Gave Chuck His Best Move
Jan 24The Dream of the Mythical Factory Worker
Jan 23A New Character Has Swung The Pendulum Bigly
Jan 22The Revolution That Never Happened
Jan 21The Perfect Woman Is In Canada
Jan 20Lemont Walked With Vancouver On The Beach
Jan 19Moments That Defy Explanation
Jan 18Vancouver Was Nervous Too
Jan 17He Had Rehearsed For A Year For Vancouver
Jan 16What Happened When Vancouver Opened The Door
Jan 15That Time Lemont Called Bung Lee Plumbing
Jan 11We Are All A Simulation
Jan 10Men Who Call Their Daughters “Princess”
Jan 9Filing Married at Tax Time
Jan 8Kelly Says She’s Getting Married
Jan 7Kelly Says She’s Getting Married