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Apr 16So What If Women Earn Less Than Men?
Apr 15Women Earn Less Than Men
Apr 15Goatee
Apr 14The Tao of C-Dog
Apr 12Concast Cable Is Calling
Apr 11Bubble Wrap Bed
Apr 10Are You A Boy Or A Baby
Apr 9The Brussels Sprouts Ultimatum
Apr 8The Soul Destroying Lunch
Apr 7Governor Thugman Is Back
Apr 6The Debo Adegbile Nomination
Apr 5The Good Dad
Apr 4The Missing Pictures
Apr 3Agoo Is A Word
Apr 2Clyde Blows Their Minds
Apr 1Setting His Own Son Up
Mar 31Journaling His Sons Firsts
Mar 30All Those New Planets
Mar 29Lemont And Susan Never Disagree
Mar 28Fire And Ice
Mar 27Phil Anders Is Back
Mar 26Thugs
Mar 25America Is Kind Of Intense
Mar 24The Angry Black Country
Mar 23He Cares About Repairing The Relationship
Mar 22The Missing Toothbrush
Mar 21The Republicans Are Going To Win Big This Year
Mar 20Why Clyde Hasnt Signed Up For Obamacare
Mar 19The Alpha Male
Mar 18Identity Thieves
Mar 17He Was Supposed To Be In Uganda
Mar 15Goatee
Mar 14Gravity
Mar 13Honored
Mar 12Cruise
Mar 11Uganda
Mar 10Back From Sochi
Mar 9Clyde Feels Exploited
Mar 8Paying Attention
Mar 7Tell Me About Your Day
Mar 6He Was Supposed To Be In Therapy
Mar 5Lemont Tweeted A Picture Of His Junk
Mar 4The World Is Over
Mar 3Not Cool Bruh
Mar 2Children Change You
Mar 1Blocked ID
Feb 28The Last Book Clyde Read
Feb 27Lemont Craves A Pizza
Feb 26Lemont Has A Secret Dream
Feb 25Videos Of Us Are Everywhere
Feb 24The Selfie Changed Everything
Feb 23Morrie Turner
Feb 22If You Are Not A Liberal At Twenty
Feb 21Casper The Friendly Emo
Feb 20Lemont Is Very Busy
Feb 19A Hobby A Father And Son Can Do Together
Feb 18Choosing Two Out Of Three
Feb 17The Long Forgotten Hobbies
Feb 16Did Lemont Ever Wear His Moms Lipstick
Feb 15Drugs In Hollywood
Feb 14Lemont Is Way Ahead Of You
Feb 13Seeing The Future Like A Roadmap
Feb 12Congress Is Bad Enough
Feb 11Is Clay Aiken Qualified?
Feb 10Mister Clay Aiken Goes To Washington
Feb 9C-dog’s Shopping List
Feb 8Why Guys Are Such Flakes
Feb 7Clyde Needs A Woman
Feb 6Diagnosis Loneliness
Feb 5What Having A Kid Is Like
Feb 4Clyde Secretly Seeks Help
Feb 3Thats A Compliment
Feb 2The Not My Fault Guy
Feb 1Are You Here On Business
Jan 31Does Tyrone Believe In God
Jan 30I Feel Sorry For The Middle Name
Jan 29Karma
Jan 28Whats Your Real Name
Jan 27The Licensing Fee
Jan 26Can You Sum It Up
Jan 25The Real Classic Political Scandals
Jan 24Where Thugman Gets His Ideas
Jan 23Lemont Interviews Governor Thugman
Jan 22Yous Better Play Ball Wit Us
Jan 21Conservatives Hate Goon Thugman
Jan 20Governor Goon Thugman
Jan 19Lemont Couldn’t Afford To See E.T.
Jan 18Creditors
Jan 17Be Careful What You Wish For
Jan 16He Meant The Other Clyde
Jan 15Ten Heater Day
Jan 14Leave
Jan 13Mother Nature
Jan 12Clyde And Buddha
Jan 11Susans Life Plan
Jan 10Lemonts Wild Past
Jan 9Whatever Happened To Turbo
Jan 8Clydes Pet Peeve
Jan 7Small Talk With A Stranger
Jan 6Clydes Busy Year
Jan 5Finding Your Purpose In The New Year
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