2016 Archive

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Feb 13Star Trek And Its Shoulder Pads
Feb 12Ted Cruz Is An Anchor Baby
Feb 11Dick Fink Strikes Again Maybe
Feb 10Clyde Makes Lemont Famous
Feb 9No Thanks For Babysitting My Toddler
Feb 8The Postmortem On The Double Date
Feb 7Voter Id Laws And Dirt-Poor People
Feb 5The Date Comes To An End
Feb 4The Strange Stroll Along The Docks
Feb 3Lemont And Vancouver Seem Happy
Feb 2Ace And Susan Seem Happy
Feb 1Susan Goes To The Ladies’ Room
Jan 31Buddha Supposedly Said This
Jan 30Susan Does Not Trust Vancouver
Jan 29Susan Vs. Vancouver
Jan 28All About Ace
Jan 27The “How Did You Two Meet” Story
Jan 26Meeting Vancouver
Jan 25The Double Date Begins
Jan 24He Left His Wife For Jenny
Jan 23Should Have Read The Fine Print
Jan 22Be Careful What You Wish For
Jan 19The Unwelcome Guest
Jan 18Small Talk With A Stranger
Jan 17Donald Trump Goes Mainstream
Jan 16Momma Calls, But Lemont’s On A Date
Jan 15Lemont And Vancouver’s Moment Of Truth
Jan 14God Tells Cdog To Live Life Abundantly
Jan 13God Has A Plan For C-Dog
Jan 12Can I Ask “Is C-Dog Sexually Active” On The Comics Page?
Jan 11C-Dog’s Got His Priorities Straight
Jan 10Kelly And The Lopsided Relationship
Jan 9C-Dog Giving Directions
Jan 8Thomas Jefferson Posts A Facebook Status Update
Jan 7Benjamin Franklin Tweets
Jan 6Why Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils Is A Good Idea
Jan 5But Voting Is So Very Important
Jan 4Math Class Is The Worst
Jan 3He Gets Tired Of Everything
Jan 2The Killer Sign
Jan 1The Put-Together Man