2018 Archive

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Feb 18Armstrong Had The Idea First
Feb 17Hes Not Nineteen Anymore
Feb 16They Saw Black Panther
Feb 15Black Panther Attire
Feb 14Lionel Wants To See Black Panther
Feb 13Abar The First Black Superman
Feb 12All The Critics Love Black Panther
Feb 11Make America Gilded Again
Feb 10Can Lionel Come Over And Play?
Feb 9Why Does The Moon Go Away?
Feb 8Do You Believe In Alien Abduction?
Feb 7Have You Ever Lost Time?
Feb 6Bot Factories Mine Our Photos
Feb 5The State Of The Union
Feb 4You And I Are Drinking Radium Water
Feb 3Restocking On Foot Cream
Feb 2Luke Skywalker Could Fly Too
Feb 1Spoilers For Leia In The Last Jedi
Jan 31Nobody Has The Time Actually
Jan 30He Saw The Shooting Of Abraham Lincoln
Jan 29Youtube Captures History
Jan 28The Sneaky And Very Real Freelance Tax
Jan 27Momma Wants Videos Of Her Grandchild
Jan 26Oprah And Trump And The Amateurization Of America
Jan 25Msm Guy Asks About Oprah
Jan 24The Falling Crime Rate Is Fake News
Jan 23He Said The Moon Does Not Exist
Jan 22The Teacher Who Dared To Question Authority
Jan 21Uncle Elroy Strikes Again
Jan 16Life Is Stranger Than Fiction
Jan 15A Big Change Requires An Interlude
Jan 14The Elephant in America’s Room
Jan 13Lemont Has A Dream
Jan 12His Boy Is Almost Three
Jan 11Beyond The Trailer On The Pentagon Papers
Jan 10Dave Chappelle And Politics In Comedy
Jan 9Is It Less Or Is It Fewer
Jan 8Shooting Into The Air On New Years Eve
Jan 6Does Susan Believe In Life After Death
Jan 5Thou Shall Pay A Price Clyde
Jan 4The New Commandments
Jan 3God Speaketh To Clyde
Jan 2His Unsupportive Best Friend
Jan 1Lemonts New Book Canada Or Bust