2015 Archive

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Mar 5An Easy Trick For Filling Awkward Pauses
Mar 4Believing In Past Lives
Mar 3Is The Supernatural As Real As The Natural?
Mar 2Witness To A Passing Unicorn
Feb 27To Boldly Go
Feb 21Being Single Is Underrated
Feb 20Lemont Calls Sasha
Feb 19Susan Does The Math
Feb 18Whatever Happened To Sasha
Feb 17The Republic Is Dead
Feb 16The Triple Negative
Feb 15The Crazy 2016 Theory
Feb 14A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Feb 13Lemont Sang His Baby A Bunch Of Songs
Feb 12You Are So Grounded Daddy
Feb 11Should Lemont Cover Isis
Feb 10Lemont Wants To Punish Isis
Feb 9The Dead Kid Super Bowl Commercial
Feb 8The Miami Beach Mugshots
Feb 7Neil Degrasse Tyson Was Wrong
Feb 6Lemont Stands Susan Up
Feb 5He Wanted To Be Harriet Tubman
Feb 4What Life Will Be Like When We’re Forty
Feb 3C-Dog Had No Other Choice
Feb 2I Need You to Hold Something For Me, Bruh
Feb 1Conservatives Love To Hate Hollywood
Jan 31Life Is All About Death
Jan 30Single Parent Hangups
Jan 29How Cereal Is Made
Jan 28Back And Gone Again
Jan 27Bond Bigots
Jan 26Black Bond
Jan 17Conitinual Vs Continuous
Jan 16Nothing Ends
Jan 15Proof We Are All A Computer Simulation
Jan 14We Are All A Simulation
Jan 13Men Who Call Their Daughters Princess
Jan 12Filing Married
Jan 11Relations With Cuba
Jan 10The Best Family Heirloom
Jan 9My Appendix Just Ruptured
Jan 8Why Hes Going To The Hospital
Jan 7You Are Several Different People
Jan 6Lemonts Most Dangerous Admission Ever
Jan 5Lemonts New Years Resolution
Jan 4The Adventures Of Sponge Man
Jan 3Being All Alone In The Galaxy Is Not So Bad
Jan 2The Galaxy Is Teeming With Life
Jan 1Taylor Swift Is Everywhere