2009 Archive

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Dec 31The Demon Hypothesis, part 4
Dec 30The Demon Hypothesis, part 3
Dec 29The Demon Hypothesis, part 2
Dec 28The Demon Hypothesis, part 1
Dec 27Good Talk
Dec 26The Hammock
Dec 25The Truth of Juarez, part 5
Dec 24The Truth of Juarez, part 4
Dec 23The Truth of Juarez, part 3
Dec 22The Truth of Juarez, part 2
Dec 21The Truth of Juarez
Dec 20The Pull-Over
Dec 19Just Do It
Dec 18Just Do It
Dec 17Just Do It, part 4
Dec 16Just Do It
Dec 15Just Do It
Dec 14Just Do It
Dec 13Cologne
Dec 12The Difference of Opinion
Dec 11The Book Tour, part 5
Dec 10The Book Tour, part 4
Dec 9The Book Tour, part 3
Dec 8The Book Tour, part 2
Dec 7The Book Tour
Dec 5The Recession is Over
Dec 4Lost in Juarez, part 5
Dec 3Lost in Juarez, part 4
Dec 2Lost in Juarez, part 3
Dec 1Lost in Juarez, part 2
Nov 30Lost in Juarez
Nov 29Black Cherry
Nov 28The Very Important Call
Nov 27The Wolf King
Nov 26Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 25C-Dog’s Remote
Nov 24Hello, Son
Nov 23Hello, Momma
Nov 22The Good Excuse
Nov 21Happy
Nov 20Boo Who?
Nov 19Boo Who?
Nov 18Boo Who?
Nov 17Boo Who?
Nov 16Boo Who?
Nov 15When I Was Four
Nov 14Phone Oddity
Nov 13Elevation of the Moon, part 5
Nov 12Elevation of the Moon, part 4
Nov 11Elevation of the Moon, part 3
Nov 10Elevation of the Moon, part 2
Nov 9Elevation of the Moon, part 1
Nov 8The Flu Talk
Nov 7The Lesson
Nov 6Concerning Susan, part 5
Nov 5Concerning Susan, part 4
Nov 4Concerning Susan, part 3
Nov 3Concerning Susan, part 2
Nov 2Concerning Susan, part 1
Nov 1Should
Oct 31The Wrong Number
Oct 30The Missed Call, part 5
Oct 29The Missed Call, part 4
Oct 28The Missed Call, part 3
Oct 27The Missed Call, part 2
Oct 26The Missed Call, part 1
Oct 25Fill In the Blank
Oct 24Stick to the Classics
Oct 23Bad Directions
Oct 22Bad Directions, part 4
Oct 21Bad Directions, part 3
Oct 20Bad Directions, part 2
Oct 19Bad Directions
Oct 18The Other Man
Oct 17My Thoughts Are With You
Oct 16Invalid Theories, part 5
Oct 15Invalid Theories, part 4
Oct 14Invalid Theories, part 3
Oct 13Invalid Theories, part 2
Oct 12Invalid Theories, part 1
Oct 11The Wakeup Call
Oct 10The Whiny Twit
Oct 9The Moon Landing, part 3
Oct 8The Moon Landing, part 2
Oct 7The Moon Landing
Oct 6The Prime Directive
Oct 5Politically Incorrect
Oct 4You Lie!
Oct 3Chicken Pox
Oct 2Flu Season
Oct 1Flu Season
Sep 30Flu Season
Sep 29Flu Season
Sep 28Flu Season, part 1
Sep 27The Ambulance
Sep 26Fine Print
Sep 25The Revolutionary Man, part 5
Sep 24The Revolutionary Man, part 4
Sep 23The Revolutionary Man, part 3
Sep 22The Revolutionary Man, part 2
Sep 21The Revolutionary Man, part 1
Sep 20The Runner
Sep 19Memories
Sep 18The Sudden Realization, part 2
Sep 17The Sudden Realization, part 1
Sep 16The Late Post, part 3
Sep 15The Late Post, part 2
Sep 14The Late Post, part 1
Sep 13The Some People Story, part 2
Sep 12Shrinking Lemont, part 6
Sep 11Shrinking Lemont, part 5
Sep 10Shrinking Lemont, part 4
Sep 9Shrinking Lemont, part 3
Sep 8Shrinking Lemont, part 2
Sep 7Shrinking Lemont, part 1
Sep 6The Some People Story
Sep 5Needless to Say
Sep 4Darkness, part 5
Sep 3Darkness, part 4
Sep 2Darkness, part 3
Sep 1Darkness, part 2
Aug 31Darkness, part 1
Aug 29Sleeping With the Enema, part 6
Aug 28Sleeping With the Enema, part 5
Aug 27Sleeping With the Enema, part 4
Aug 26Sleeping With the Enema, part 3
Aug 25Sleeping With the Enema, part 2
Aug 24Sleeping With the Enema, part 1
Aug 23The Outgoing Message
Aug 22Vacation, part 18
Aug 21Vacation, part 17
Aug 20Vacation, part 16
Aug 19Vacation, part 15
Aug 18Vacation, part 14
Aug 17Vacation, part 13
Aug 16Don’t Answer That
Aug 15A Special Place in Hell
Aug 14The Epiphany, part 5
Aug 13The Epiphany, part 4
Aug 12The Epiphany, part 3
Aug 11The Epiphany, part 2
Aug 10The Epiphany, part 1
Aug 9The Telltale Sign
Aug 8Vacation, part 12
Aug 7Vacation, part 11
Aug 6Vacation, part 10
Aug 5Vacation, part 9
Aug 4Vacation, part 8
Aug 3Vacation, part 7
Aug 2Room for Dessert
Aug 1Vacation, part 6
Jul 31Vacation, part 5
Jul 30Vacation, part 3
Jul 29Vacation, part 2
Jul 28Vacation, part 1
Jul 26Reversal of Fortune
Jul 25Turning the Corner
Jul 24Operation Beagle Paw, Part 5
Jul 23Operation Beagle Paw, Part 4
Jul 22Operation Beagle Paw, Part 3
Jul 21Operation Beagle Paw, Part 2
Jul 20Operation Beagle Paw, part 1
Jul 19Yellow Means Go Faster
Jul 18Remember Iran? Part 6
Jul 17Remember Iran? Part 5
Jul 16Remember Iran? Part 4
Jul 15Remember Iran? Part 3
Jul 14Remember Iran? Part 2
Jul 13Remember Iran? Part 1
Jul 11The Epilogue: Elbow Strain
Jul 10Pretty Young Things, conclusion
Jul 9Pretty Young things, part 4
Jul 8Pretty Young Things, part 3
Jul 7Pretty Young Things, part 2 UNCENSORED
Jul 6Pretty Young Things, part 1
Jul 5The Adult Sippy Cup
Jul 4The Green Revolution, part 6
Jul 3The Green Revolution, part 5
Jul 2The Green Revolution, part 4
Jul 1The Green Revolution, part 3
Jun 30The Green Revolution, part 2
Jun 29The Green Revolution, part 1
Jun 28The Irony of Freedom
Jun 27New and Improved
Jun 26Fear’s Second Chance, part 5
Jun 25Fear’s Second Chance, part 4
Jun 24Fear’s Second Chance, part 3
Jun 23Fear’s Second Chance, part 2
Jun 22Fear’s Second Chance, part 1
Jun 21Schweinehund!
Jun 20The Credo, part 5
Jun 19The Credo, part 4
Jun 18The Credo, part 3
Jun 17The Credo, part 2
Jun 16The Credo, part 1
Jun 15Feeling Lost
Jun 14Dubble Cross Health Insurance
Jun 13The IRS Letter, part 2
Jun 12La Raza and the KKK
Jun 11Candorville 6/11/09: Sotomayor
Jun 10The Unfit Parent, part 2
Jun 9The Unfit Parent, part 1
Jun 8The IRS Letter
Jun 7A Rainy Day
Jun 6Where’s Cheney? part 6
Jun 5Where’s Cheney? part 5
Jun 4Where’s Cheney? part 4
Jun 3Where’s Cheney? part 3
Jun 2Where’s Cheney? part 2
Jun 1Where’s Cheney? part 1
May 31What Time It Is?
May 30The Appointment
May 29Good News or Bad News? part 5
May 28Good News or Bad News? part 4
May 27Good News or Bad News? Part 3
May 26Good News or Bad News, part 2
May 25Good News or Bad News, part 1
May 24Tired of the Blame
May 23Doctor Dog, part 4
May 22Doctor Dog, part 3
May 21Doctor Dog, part 2
May 20Doctor Dog, part 1
May 19Mother’s Day, part 2
May 18Mother’s Day, part 1
May 17Two roads diverged in a wood…
May 16That Said…
May 15The Final Frontier, part 5
May 14The Final Frontier, part 4
May 13The Final Frontier, part 3
May 12The Final Frontier, part 2
May 11The Final Frontier, part 1
May 10The Somali Pirate Solution
May 9The Twit
May 8Just Following Orders, part 5
May 7Just Following Orders, part 4
May 6Just Following Orders, part 3
May 5Just Following Orders, part 2
May 4Just Following Orders, part 1
May 3Buddha’s Belly
May 2Secession
May 1The Owl of Minerva, part 5
Apr 30The Owl of Minerva, part 4
Apr 29The Owl of Minerva, part 3
Apr 28The Owl of Minerva, part 2
Apr 27The Owl of Minerva, part 1
Apr 26Why You Talk So White?
Apr 25Gotta Go, part 6
Apr 24Gotta Go, part 5
Apr 23Gotta Go, part 4
Apr 22Gotta Go, part 3
Apr 21Gotta Go, part 2
Apr 20Gotta Go, part 1
Apr 19Insult to Injury
Apr 18The Promotion, part 6
Apr 17The Promotion, part 5
Apr 16The Promotion, part 4
Apr 15The Promotion, part 3
Apr 14The Promotion, part 2
Apr 13The Promotion, part 1
Apr 12Race to Witch Mountain
Apr 11Terminal Velocity, part 6
Apr 10Terminal Velocity, part 5
Apr 9Terminal Velocity, part 4
Apr 8Terminal Velocity, part 3
Apr 7Terminal Velocity, part 2
Apr 6Terminal Velocity, part 1
Apr 5Princess
Apr 4The “Dallas” Moment
Apr 3The Flight, part 5
Apr 2The Flight, part 4
Apr 1The Flight, part 3
Mar 31The Flight, part 2
Mar 30The Flight, part 1
Mar 29Candorville 3/29/09: The Five Year Plan
Mar 28Candorville 3/28/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 6
Mar 27Candorville 3/27/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 5
Mar 26Candorville 3/26/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 4
Mar 25Candorville 3/25/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 3
Mar 24Candorville 3/24/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 2
Mar 23Candorville 3/23/09: Steeling the Spotlight, part 1
Mar 22Candorville 3/22/09: Feudalbanc Strikes Again
Mar 21Candorville 3/21/09: The Point, part 6
Mar 20Candorville 3/20/09: The Point, part 5
Mar 19Candorville 3/19/09: The Point, part 4
Mar 18Candorville 3/18/09: The Point, part 3
Mar 17Candorville 3/17/09: The Point, part 2
Mar 16Candorville 3/16/09: The Point, part 1
Mar 15Candorville 3/15/09:You’ll thank me later.
Mar 14Candorville 3/14/09: The Hamburger
Mar 13Candorville 3/13/09: The Abomination, part 5
Mar 12Candorville 3/12/09: The Abomination, part 4
Mar 11Candorville 3/11/09: The Abomination, part 3
Mar 10Candorville 3/10/09: The abomination, part 2
Mar 9Candorville 3/9/09: The Abomination, part 1
Mar 8Candorville 3/8/09: The Roxanne Poll
Mar 7Candorville 3/7/09: Just For the Night, part 6
Mar 6Candorville 3/6/09: Just For the Night, part 5
Mar 5Candorville 3/5/09: Just For the Night, part 4
Mar 4Candorville 3/4/09: Just For the Night, part 3
Mar 3Candorville 3/3/09: Just for the Night, part 2
Mar 2Candorville 3/2/2009: Just For the Night, part 1
Mar 1Candorville 3/1/2009: Both Sides of the Relationship
Feb 28Candorville 2/28/09: Saxon’s Story, part 6
Feb 27Candorville 2/27/09: Saxon’s Story, part 5
Feb 26Candorville 2/26/09: Saxon’s Story, part 4
Feb 25Candorville 2/25/09: Saxon’s Story, part 3
Feb 24Candorville 2/24/09: Saxon’s Story, part 2
Feb 23Candorville 2/23/09: Saxon’s Story, part 1
Feb 22Candorville 2/22/09: Everything’s Dying
Feb 21Candorville 2/21/09: Panhandling
Feb 20Candorville 2/20/09: Through the Wilderness, part 5
Feb 19Candorville 2/19/09: Through the Wilderness, part 4
Feb 18Candorville 2/18/09: Through the Wilderness, part 3
Feb 17Candorville 2/16/09: Through the Wilderness, part 2
Feb 16Candorville 2/16/09: Through the Wilderness, part 1
Feb 15Candorville 2/15/09: The Newspapers
Feb 14Candorville 2/14/09: Carbonation
Feb 13Candorville 2/13/09: Something to Fear, part 5
Feb 12Candorville 2/12/09: Something to Fear, part 4
Feb 11Candorville 2/11/09: Something to Fear, part 3
Feb 10Candorville 2/10/09: Something to Fear, part 2
Feb 9Candorville 2/9/09: Something to Fear, part 1
Feb 8Candorville 1/8/09: The Camino Theater
Feb 7Candorville 2/7/09: Obamarama, part 6
Feb 6Candorville 2/6/09: Obamarama, part 5
Feb 5Candorville 2/5/09: Obamarama, part 4
Feb 4Candorville 2/4/09: Obamarama, part 3
Feb 3Candorville 2/3/09: Obamarama, part 2
Feb 2Candorville 2/2/09: Obamarama, part 1
Feb 1Candorville 2/1/09: Posture Analysis
Jan 31Candorville 1/31/09: Let Me Tell You
Jan 30Candorville 1/30/09: Redecorating, part 3
Jan 29Candorville 1/28/09: Redecorating, part 2
Jan 28Candorville 1/28/09: Redecorating, part 1
Jan 27Candorville 1/27/09: The Sea Kitten, part 2
Jan 26Candorville 1/26/09: The Sea Kitten, part 1
Jan 25Candorville 1/25/09: Comparing Gays to Blacks
Jan 24Candorville 1/24/09: The Journalist, part 4
Jan 23Candorville 1/23/09: The Journalist, part 3
Jan 22The Journalist, part 2
Jan 21Candorville 1/21/09: The Journalist, part 1
Jan 20Candorville 1/20/09: The Dream, part 2
Jan 19Candorville 1/19/09: The Dream, part 1
Jan 18Candorville 1/18/09: The Inauguration
Jan 17Candorville 1/17/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 6
Jan 16Candorville 1/16/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 5
Jan 15Candorville 1/15/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 4
Jan 14Candorville 1/14/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 3
Jan 13Candorville 1/13/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 2
Jan 12Candorville 1/12/09: To Buy a Miracle, part 1
Jan 11Candorville 1/11/09: Missing Mickey
Jan 10Candorville 1/10/09: You’re the Inspiration
Jan 9Candorville 1/9/09: High Wire Act, part 5
Jan 8Candorville 12/8/09: High Wire Act, part 4
Jan 7Candorville 1/7/09: High Wire Act, part 3
Jan 6Candorville 1/6/09: High Wire Act, part 2
Jan 5Candorville 1/5/09: High Wire Act, part 1
Jan 4Candorville 1/4/09: Another New Year
Jan 3Candorville 1/3/09: Circular Needs
Jan 2Candorville 1/2/09: Resolution, part 4
Jan 1Candorville 1/1/09: Resolution, part 3