2014 Archive

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Dec 31Nobody Pays What He Owes
Dec 30The North Korea Analogy
Dec 29Stop Needing To Be Paid Back
Dec 27Thanta Cloth Ith Coming
Dec 26Cliff Huxtable Raised Him
Dec 25Susan Is Not A Cosby Fan
Dec 24Showing His Son The Cosby Show
Dec 23Exposing His Son To People He Admired
Dec 22Torture And The Best Country In The World
Dec 17That’s Some Rough Toilet Paper
Dec 16C-Dog Gives Directions
Dec 15What Would Chuck Norris Do
Dec 14All Eighties Sitcoms Are Suspect
Dec 13King Richard III
Dec 12The Loud Toy
Dec 11Mommas Troubles
Dec 10Momma And Granny
Dec 9Lionel Forces The Issue
Dec 8How About Now
Dec 7Babylon 5 And The Case Of Vir Cotto
Dec 6He Feels Like A Burrito
Dec 5Its The Thought That Counts At Christmastime
Dec 4A Good Father At Christmas
Dec 3Shopping
Dec 2Two Weeks At Susans House
Dec 1Protecting Susan From Thugs
Nov 30Immortality Is Decades Away
Nov 29Tv Is Awful Now
Nov 28The Hunger Games Bootleg
Nov 27You Are In Big Trouble
Nov 26Trolling Isis
Nov 25Playlists Say Everything About You
Nov 24His Netflix Playlist
Nov 23Screwing Squanto
Nov 22WrongNumber
Nov 21TwoDollars
Nov 20Skins
Nov 19Pride
Nov 18Back To The Nineties
Nov 17The 2016 Campaign Begins Already
Nov 16His Lack Of Intimacy
Nov 9Santa Doesn’t Mess Around
Nov 8American Cheese
Nov 7Cyborg Sapiens, or Homo Cyborgus?
Nov 6Africanized
Nov 5The Declining Empire
Nov 4His Vote Was Suppressed
Nov 3They Fought And Died For His Right To Vote
Nov 2Voter ID Laws
Nov 1Trick Or Treating Without Being Cliche
Oct 31Susan Is Always Wonder Woman
Oct 30Why Lemont Doesnt Want Susan To Go
Oct 29Comiccon Vs Comic Con
Oct 28Women In Skimpy Comic Con Costumes
Oct 27Are You Going To Loser Con
Oct 25Record
Oct 24A Great War
Oct 23Prescription
Oct 22War
Oct 21My Brilliant Son
Oct 20He Cant Stop Now
Oct 19The Overpraiser
Oct 12When I Retire
Oct 11More And More Polarized
Oct 10Neurogenesis
Oct 9The First Civilization
Oct 8Wonder Woman
Oct 7The Goal
Oct 6Vampire Turtles
Oct 5A More Balanced Look At Slavery
Sep 27Lemont Is Always Coordinated
Sep 26Never Forget Her Birthday
Sep 25Clyde Coulda Hooked Him Up
Sep 24Because Shed Gloat
Sep 23His Pc Has A Glitch
Sep 22Lemonts IMac Dies Again
Sep 21He Can’t Stop Getting Ahead Of Himself
Sep 20Ebola
Sep 19Whatever Happened To Cuba Gooding Jr
Sep 18They Want Denzel
Sep 17Mega Mergers
Sep 16Future Lemont Visits
Sep 15Apple Watch
Sep 13Why Aliens Would Come All This Way
Sep 12Why Aliens Havent Made Contact
Sep 11Home Depot Hacked
Sep 10The Fappening And Other Peoples Business
Sep 9How The Fappening Happened
Sep 8The Fappening According To Cdog
Sep 7Learning Not To Call 911
Sep 5Guys Only Think About One Thing
Sep 4Ignoring The Lady
Sep 3Is This All There Is
Sep 2Clydes Girlfriend Imani
Sep 1We All Look The Same
Aug 30The Modern Cloud Game
Aug 29C-dog The Atlantean
Aug 28Dreams Make Real Life Worse
Aug 27C-dog Don’t Dream
Aug 26Susan’s Awesome Date
Aug 25Coming Home
Aug 24Some People Are Never Grateful
Aug 23Thanks For All The Smiles
Aug 22Depression
Aug 21Robin Williams Favorite Thing
Aug 20Stars Die All The Time, But This…
Aug 19Kaufman Belushi Reeve Williams
Aug 18No More Wishes
Aug 17My Side Their Side
Aug 16Survival
Aug 15Hands
Aug 14The African Girls Are Still Missing
Aug 13Stranger Smalltalk
Aug 12Dating Is Harder With A Kid
Aug 11The New Mom
Aug 10Everything Versus Something
Aug 3Spying Aint What It Used To Be
Aug 2Lionel Meets The Roof
Aug 1Two Dollar Happiness
Jul 31Clydes Solution To Middle East Peace
Jul 30Both Sides Of The Issue
Jul 29Nonviolence Only Works In Certain Circumstances
Jul 28The Palestinians Should Try Nonviolence
Jul 27Lionel Is Amazing
Jul 25Apes
Jul 24Illegals
Jul 23Kirk Fu
Jul 22Blaming The Presidents
Jul 21Israel And Palestine
Jul 20Bored Of The Lawn
Jul 19How To Build Up Your Confidence
Jul 18Black People Dont Like The Outdoors
Jul 17Mythstory
Jul 16Will C-Dog Go Hiking?
Jul 15Gang Related Shootings Dont Count
Jul 14When A Shooting Is Not A Shooting
Jul 13The Central Park Five
Jul 13When A Shooting Is Not A Shooting
Jul 6Harrison Ford Hurts His Ankle
Jul 4No Phone Training
Jul 3Clyde On Sugar Hill
Jul 2The Road Not Taken
Jul 1Why America Wages War Constantly
Jun 30America And Its Many Wars
Jun 29First Dates Suck
Jun 28Obsession
Jun 27Thanks Siri
Jun 26Siri Being Helpful
Jun 25Suppose
Jun 24Revering The Founding Fathers
Jun 23One School Shooting Per Week – The Absurdist’s Argument
Jun 21Its Your Buddy Keith
Jun 20Does Lemont Want A Dog
Jun 19Did She Spit On Me
Jun 18Sofis Greek Massage And Murder Mystery
Jun 17Stuff You Dont Want To Hear About
Jun 16They Call Me Racist
Jun 15The Va Scandal
Jun 14Pulled Over
Jun 13The Sleeping Cap
Jun 12Adult Sleepovers
Jun 11The Universal Plot
Jun 10The Biography Of CDog
Jun 9CNN And The Plane
Jun 8The Great Decider
Jun 7Executions
Jun 6Clydes Death Lessons
Jun 5Xmen Days Of Future Past
Jun 4Seen It
Jun 3A Different World
Jun 2Mass Shooting Epiphany
Jun 1His Long Lost Father
May 30She Would Like It
May 29The Walk Home
May 28Death Lessons
May 27Sleeping With The Fishes
May 26Lionel Slept
May 25From The Files Of Federal Agent Murph
May 24Compliment
May 23Changing History
May 22Whippin
May 21Tell Yo Momma Cdog Say Hi
May 20The Higher Power
May 19Have You Heard The Good News
May 18One Last Thing About Cliven Bundy Supporters
May 17The Adult
May 16Inheriting The Wind
May 15Thomas Jettison
May 14Doctor Dre And The Mansion
May 13About That Clippers Owner
May 12He Cannot Believe The Racism
May 11Good Times
May 10The Suit Animals
May 9The Spell
May 8Rosencrantz Has A Secret
May 7A Weaker Man
May 6Coming Up Heads
May 5Meanwhile
May 3The National Pastime
May 2The Jj Abrams Theory
May 1Jimmy Fallons Hillary Joke
Apr 30Asteroids Strike Earth A Lot
Apr 29Affirmative Action Is Dying
Apr 28C-Dog Apologizes
Apr 27Tonight Show Starring Dave Chappelle
Apr 26Bring Vs Take
Apr 25His Name Was Hey
Apr 24Friends Don’t Erase Friends
Apr 23Just Kidding
Apr 22Thanks For Watching My Son
Apr 21Mercenary
Apr 20What Internet Trolls Forget
Apr 19The Housing Market Rebounds
Apr 18Women Buy Things For Men Too
Apr 17Why Guys Pay More
Apr 16So What If Women Earn Less Than Men?
Apr 15Women Earn Less Than Men
Apr 15Goatee
Apr 14The Tao of C-Dog
Apr 12Concast Cable Is Calling
Apr 11Bubble Wrap Bed
Apr 10Are You A Boy Or A Baby
Apr 9The Brussels Sprouts Ultimatum
Apr 8The Soul Destroying Lunch
Apr 7Governor Thugman Is Back
Apr 6The Debo Adegbile Nomination
Apr 5The Good Dad
Apr 4The Missing Pictures
Apr 3Agoo Is A Word
Apr 2Clyde Blows Their Minds
Apr 1Setting His Own Son Up
Mar 31Journaling His Sons Firsts
Mar 30All Those New Planets
Mar 29Lemont And Susan Never Disagree
Mar 28Fire And Ice
Mar 27Phil Anders Is Back
Mar 26Thugs
Mar 25America Is Kind Of Intense
Mar 24The Angry Black Country
Mar 23He Cares About Repairing The Relationship
Mar 22The Missing Toothbrush
Mar 21The Republicans Are Going To Win Big This Year
Mar 20Why Clyde Hasnt Signed Up For Obamacare
Mar 19The Alpha Male
Mar 18Identity Thieves
Mar 17He Was Supposed To Be In Uganda
Mar 15Goatee
Mar 14Gravity
Mar 13Honored
Mar 12Cruise
Mar 11Uganda
Mar 10Back From Sochi
Mar 9Clyde Feels Exploited
Mar 8Paying Attention
Mar 7Tell Me About Your Day
Mar 6He Was Supposed To Be In Therapy
Mar 5Lemont Tweeted A Picture Of His Junk
Mar 4The World Is Over
Mar 3Not Cool Bruh
Mar 2Children Change You
Mar 1Blocked ID
Feb 28The Last Book Clyde Read
Feb 27Lemont Craves A Pizza
Feb 26Lemont Has A Secret Dream
Feb 25Videos Of Us Are Everywhere
Feb 24The Selfie Changed Everything
Feb 23Morrie Turner
Feb 22If You Are Not A Liberal At Twenty
Feb 21Casper The Friendly Emo
Feb 20Lemont Is Very Busy
Feb 19A Hobby A Father And Son Can Do Together
Feb 18Choosing Two Out Of Three
Feb 17The Long Forgotten Hobbies
Feb 16Did Lemont Ever Wear His Moms Lipstick
Feb 15Drugs In Hollywood
Feb 14Lemont Is Way Ahead Of You
Feb 13Seeing The Future Like A Roadmap
Feb 12Congress Is Bad Enough
Feb 11Is Clay Aiken Qualified?
Feb 10Mister Clay Aiken Goes To Washington
Feb 9C-dog’s Shopping List
Feb 8Why Guys Are Such Flakes
Feb 7Clyde Needs A Woman
Feb 6Diagnosis Loneliness
Feb 5What Having A Kid Is Like
Feb 4Clyde Secretly Seeks Help
Feb 3Thats A Compliment
Feb 2The Not My Fault Guy
Feb 1Are You Here On Business
Jan 31Does Tyrone Believe In God
Jan 30I Feel Sorry For The Middle Name
Jan 29Karma
Jan 28Whats Your Real Name
Jan 27The Licensing Fee
Jan 26Can You Sum It Up
Jan 25The Real Classic Political Scandals
Jan 24Where Thugman Gets His Ideas
Jan 23Lemont Interviews Governor Thugman
Jan 22Yous Better Play Ball Wit Us
Jan 21Conservatives Hate Goon Thugman
Jan 20Governor Goon Thugman
Jan 19Lemont Couldn’t Afford To See E.T.
Jan 18Creditors
Jan 17Be Careful What You Wish For
Jan 16He Meant The Other Clyde
Jan 15Ten Heater Day
Jan 14Leave
Jan 13Mother Nature
Jan 12Clyde And Buddha
Jan 11Susans Life Plan
Jan 10Lemonts Wild Past
Jan 9Whatever Happened To Turbo
Jan 8Clydes Pet Peeve
Jan 7Small Talk With A Stranger
Jan 6Clydes Busy Year
Jan 5Finding Your Purpose In The New Year
Jan 401/04/2014
Jan 301/03/2014
Jan 201/02/2014
Jan 1C-Dog’s New Year’s Resolution Isn’t Going So Well