2012 Archive

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Dec 31Star Trek 2’s Secret Villain
Dec 30A Wakeup Call
Dec 29Chivalry
Dec 28Before And After Christmas
Dec 27Christmahanukwanzadan Indigestion
Dec 26Worstbuy’s Customer Service
Dec 25The Missing UPS Delivery
Dec 24Old People and Technology
Dec 23The Unintended Consequence of “Obama’s Gifts”
Dec 22Solution
Dec 21The Ancient Mayan Prophecy, part 5
Dec 20The Ancient Mayan Prophecy, part 4
Dec 19The Ancient Mayan Prophecy, part 3
Dec 18The Ancient Mayan Prophecy, part 2
Dec 17The Ancient Mayan Prophecy, part 1
Dec 16Presidents’ Second Term Stumble
Dec 15Spoiler
Dec 14Crazy
Dec 13Demon
Dec 12Sasha
Dec 11Memoir
Dec 10Lemont’s Scary Memoir
Dec 9The Not-Jealous Man
Dec 8The Real Definition of Insanity
Dec 7Going Forward
Dec 6Liberals and their Taxes
Dec 5Slash
Dec 4Memories
Dec 3End
Dec 2TV These Days is Mindless Garbage
Dec 1The Election’s Over, Already
Nov 30The OTHER Solution for the Arab-Israeli Crisis
Nov 29The Solution for the Arab-Israeli Crisis
Nov 28The Arab-Israel Cycle of Violence
Nov 27The Strict Custody Arrangement
Nov 26Where’s C-Dog’s Jacket?
Nov 25Thanksgiving
Nov 24Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 38
Nov 23Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 37
Nov 22Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 36
Nov 21Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 35
Nov 20Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 34
Nov 19Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 33
Nov 18Why America’s Great Cities are Dying
Nov 17Miserable
Nov 16Billion
Nov 15Newgirl
Nov 14Jesus
Nov 13Countdown
Nov 12Warm and Fuzzy Oppression
Nov 11The Lesser of Two Evils
Nov 10Sayhi
Nov 9MSM
Nov 8Confession
Nov 7Gilligan
Nov 6One Vote Changes It All
Nov 5Mitt Clinton
Nov 4Mr. Dontvoteman is Knocking
Nov 3One Thing To Do Before I Die
Nov 2Just One Example of Republican Electoral Fraud
Nov 1Why Does C-Dog Eat So Slowly?
Oct 31It’s Time We Had “That Talk”
Oct 30A Lot Has Changed in Just Four Years
Oct 29Mitt Romney’s Ever-Changing Opinions
Oct 28The Ozzy the Undecided Voter Story, part 3
Oct 27Parents, It’ll Cost You Two Dollars
Oct 26God Has Caller ID
Oct 25God’s Message for C-Dog
Oct 24God Walks With C-Dog
Oct 23God Speaketh to C-Dog
Oct 22While I’m Covering the Presidential Debate…
Oct 21What Lemont Wanted to Be When He Grew Up
Oct 20Why Not?
Oct 19Never Buy Fish on Sale
Oct 18What a Single Man Should Never Do
Oct 17Why Romney’s Losing the C-Dog Vote
Oct 16Obama’d Better Not Choke in the Debate Again
Oct 15Three Weeks Till the Election
Oct 14Fonts
Oct 13Lifespan
Oct 12Nicestthing
Oct 11Asleep
Oct 10Texting
Oct 9Extension
Oct 8Bigbaby
Oct 7Haiku
Oct 6Older
Oct 5Optimists
Oct 4Aliens
Oct 3Divisive
Oct 2Proof They’re Stealing the Vote
Oct 1When Men Dressed Like Men
Sep 30Void
Sep 29Idioms
Sep 28Toilet
Sep 27Going Back to Work
Sep 26Going Back to Work
Sep 25Going Back to Work
Sep 24Going Back to Work, part 1
Sep 23Figmond’s New Thing
Sep 22Can’t Hardly Wait
Sep 21Change
Sep 20Empires
Sep 19Deathbed
Sep 18Eulogy
Sep 17Legacy
Sep 16Escalator
Sep 15Iphone
Sep 14Ultimatums
Sep 13Negative
Sep 12Meaning
Sep 11Sabbatical
Sep 10The Buck Stops
Sep 9Whatever Happened to Shared Experiences?
Sep 8Oatmeal
Sep 7Groundhog
Sep 6Viral
Sep 5Saving
Sep 4Townhall
Sep 3The Dependant
Sep 2The MacGuffin
Sep 1About Labor Day…
Aug 31What’s In a Name?
Aug 30The Republican National Convention
Aug 29The Republican National Convention
Aug 28The Republican National Convention
Aug 27The Republican National Convention
Aug 26Listen Vs. Hear
Aug 25There’s an Exception to Every Law
Aug 24Morality Vs. Ethics
Aug 23Another Year Older
Aug 22How To Tell When Something’s Wrong
Aug 21How To Get Rid of Roaches
Aug 20Voter ID, Voter Suppression
Aug 19She Can’t Walk Anymore
Aug 18The Downside of Security
Aug 17The Downside of Security
Aug 16The Downside of Security
Aug 15The Downside of Security
Aug 14Date A Chick
Aug 13Selective Attention
Aug 12Lionel’s Permanent Record
Aug 11Toast
Aug 10Cache
Aug 9Every Parent Goes Through This
Aug 8A Number From Fourteen to Ninety
Aug 7Math
Aug 6Michael Jackson’s Daughter
Aug 5Your Mom
Aug 4Why You Must Buy a House Now
Aug 3I Hate You With a Passion
Aug 2House Sitting
Aug 1Signs
Jul 31Sell All My Stocks Now
Jul 30The Comparison
Jul 29DC vs. Marvel
Jul 28That Time They All Decided
Jul 27Picking Up Lionel
Jul 26Picking Up Lionel
Jul 25Picking Up Lionel
Jul 24Picking Up Lionel
Jul 23Picking Up Lionel
Jul 22The Wakeup Call
Jul 21The Return of Phil Anders
Jul 20Never Ask What She Did Last Night
Jul 19Men Do Not Change
Jul 18The Return of Phil Anders
Jul 17The Return of Phil Anders
Jul 16The Return of Phil Anders
Jul 15Nobody Likes a Passive-Aggressive Person
Jul 14The Odd Couple
Jul 13The Odd Couple
Jul 12The Odd Couple
Jul 11The Odd Couple
Jul 10The Odd Couple
Jul 9The Odd Couple, part 1
Jul 8The Whole Country Can’t Hold It
Jul 7First-World Problems
Jul 6Aborting Ill-Fated Relationships
Jul 5What Do Women Want Me to Be?
Jul 4First-World Problems
Jul 3Pick Up the Phone to Pick Up the Woman
Jul 2First-World Problems
Jul 1The Tooth Fairy
Jun 30How Lemmings Prove Time Travel Exists
Jun 29Blatant Voter Suppression Laws
Jun 28“I Am The Lord Thy God. About That Gay Marriage Thing…”
Jun 27Gay Marriage Fallout, part 2
Jun 26Gay Marriage Fallout
Jun 25Proof Trickle Down Economics Works
Jun 24Citizens United
Jun 23Channel Surfing
Jun 22Guys Only Think About One Thing
Jun 21Ignoring Squared
Jun 20Is This All There Is?
Jun 19C-Dog’s Invisible Girlfriend
Jun 18People All Look Alike
Jun 17He Answered By Accident
Jun 16Fathers Day
Jun 15Father’s Day Memories
Jun 14Mind Over Matter, part 3
Jun 13Mind Over Matter, part 2
Jun 12Mind Over Matter, part 1
Jun 11People Eating People
Jun 10A Waste of His Time
Jun 9The Thoughtful Gift
Jun 8Foreign Tourism is Booming
Jun 726 Months of Job Growth
Jun 6To Ask C-Dog a Favor is to Court Disaster
Jun 5Did Verizon Rip Us Off?
Jun 4P. Diddy’s Son Gets a Scholarship
Jun 3Mitt Romney Hates Long Hair
Jun 2Give Me Stuff I Didn’t Earn
Jun 1Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 32
May 31Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 31
May 30Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 30
May 29Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 29
May 28The Facebook IPO Flopped
May 27The Garden of Your Mind
May 26Governor Nottobama
May 25Hanging With Clyde
May 24Hanging With Clyde
May 23Hanging With Clyde
May 22C-Dog’s Fool-Proof Way to Get More Clicks
May 21Hanging With Clyde
May 20It’s All In His Head
May 19Melvin Got a Flat-Screen
May 18All Kids Need Allowance
May 17Flashback 1982
May 16Unmade Inferences
May 15Wild Things, part 2
May 14Where the Wild Things Aren’t
May 13Why He Never Answers His Phone
May 12The Stranger-Friend Calls
May 11Best Reasons to Get a Dog
May 10Did I Just Spit on His Face?
May 9Groupon
May 8Never Feign Interest
May 7Why You’re Racist for Disagreeing With Obama
May 6Benjamin Franklin’s Wisdom
May 5Razing Arizona
May 4Razing Arizona
May 3Razing Arizona
May 2Razing Arizona
May 1Razing Arizona
Apr 30Razing Arizona
Apr 29The Non Conformist
Apr 28What Should Happen to Habitual LOLers
Apr 27Sandpaper
Apr 26The Wayback Machine
Apr 25The Wayback Machine
Apr 24Secret Serviced, part 2
Apr 23Secret Serviced
Apr 22About Average
Apr 21Robocalls
Apr 20Fat Jokes Are Mean
Apr 19C’Dog’s Directions
Apr 18She Liked It
Apr 17Those Strange People on my News Stream
Apr 16Real Men Like Hercules
Apr 15Quitting Bad Habits
Apr 14The War at Home, part 6
Apr 13The War at Home, part 5
Apr 12The War at Home, part 4
Apr 11The War at Home, part 3
Apr 10The War at Home, part 2
Apr 9The War at Home, part 1
Apr 8ABout Kelly, part 14
Apr 7Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 6
Apr 6Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 5
Apr 5Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 4
Apr 4Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 3
Apr 3Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 2
Apr 2Trayvon Martin’s Last Walk, part 1
Apr 1The Republican War on Women
Mar 31Cognitive Dissonance
Mar 30Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 28
Mar 29Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 27
Mar 28Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 26
Mar 27Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 25
Mar 26Rosencrantz and Tyrone are Dead, part 24
Mar 25Good Times
Mar 24No Birth Control For You, part 6
Mar 23No Birth Control For You, part 5
Mar 22No Birth Control For You, part 4
Mar 21No Birth Control For You, part 3
Mar 20No Birth Control For You, part 2
Mar 19No Birth Control For You, part 1
Mar 18Birth Control and the God Fallacy
Mar 17Daddy, What’s That? part 6
Mar 16Daddy, What’s That? part 5
Mar 15Daddy, What’s That? part 4
Mar 14Daddy, What’s That? part 3
Mar 13Daddy, What’s That? part 2
Mar 12Daddy, What’s That? part 1
Mar 11C-Dog’s New CD
Mar 10Juice Drink
Mar 9Old Testament Lemont
Mar 8Moon Landing, part 2
Mar 7Moon Landing
Mar 6Primitive Cultures
Mar 5Politically Incorrect
Mar 4Preaching to the Reverend
Mar 3A Woman’s Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets
Mar 2Momma’s Always There. Sort of.
Mar 1Calling Momma
Feb 29Must… Not… Care… part 3
Feb 28Must… Not… Care… part 2
Feb 27Must… Not… Care… part 1
Feb 26The Reason for Therapy
Feb 25Fallen Angel, part 6
Feb 24Fallen Angel, part 5
Feb 23Fallen Angel, part 4
Feb 22Fallen Angel, part 3
Feb 21Fallen Angel, part 2
Feb 20Fallen Angel, part 1
Feb 19Department of Homeland Insecurity
Feb 18Proposition 8 Repealed
Feb 17The Secret of Bashar Al-Assad
Feb 16You Can’t Spell “Assad” Without “Sad”
Feb 15Lunch With The Butcher of Syria
Feb 13The Big Interview
Feb 12Obama Invented Progressive Taxation
Feb 11Monetizing Lemont’s Blog
Feb 10The Dubious Value of Dream Analysis
Feb 9Recursive Dreams are Disturbing
Feb 8Mistakes
Feb 7Dick Fink Strikes Again
Feb 6ACORN-ing Planned Parenthood
Feb 5Lemont Comes Out of the Closet
Feb 4Don’t Forget What You Are
Feb 3The Un-Checked Email
Feb 2The Obsolete Man
Feb 1Major in the Growth Industries
Jan 31The 90-Words-Per-Minute-Man
Jan 30Lots of Jobs Out There
Jan 29Obama the Tyrant
Jan 28The Rules of Speech are Arbitrary
Jan 27The Lesser of Two Evils
Jan 26The Voter Fraud Fraud
Jan 25Quite a Coincidence, part 3
Jan 24Quite a Coincidence, part 2
Jan 23Quite a Coincidence, part 1
Jan 22Hollywood Values
Jan 21The Telemarketer
Jan 20He’ll Be Dead at 60
Jan 19Bear With Me
Jan 18Voices in My Head
Jan 17Voices in My Head
Jan 16Voices in My Head
Jan 15Billions and Billions of Earths
Jan 14Pride Goeth…, part 6
Jan 13Pride Goeth…, part 5
Jan 12Pride Goeth…, part 4
Jan 11Pride Goeth…, part 3
Jan 10Pride Goeth…, part 2
Jan 9Pride Goeth…, part 1
Jan 8The New Year’s Resolution
Jan 7Mister, Will You Buy Me a Beer?
Jan 6Lemont Lives Large, part 5
Jan 5Lemont Lives Large, part 4
Jan 4Lemont Lives Large, part 3
Jan 3Lemont Lives Large, part 2
Jan 2Lemont Lives Large, part 1
Jan 1Back on the Market